About the SCBCD exam Do I first have to pass the SCJP? Yep. The Business Component Developer exam, the Web Component Developer exam, and the. SCBCD. Prerequisite: Certified Java Programmer or passed exam or Exam number: Exam type: Multiple-choice and drag & drop. Welcome to the SCBCD series, where you can create a part, view technical specifications, and view removable contacts.

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If the client terminates or if the server shuts down, the underlying services ensure that the entity bean data is saved. Certifications like scwcd, sscbcd I have had a difficult time getting my “foot in the door” and I’m looking for any edge I can get.

The interviewers only cared about the domain know-how. Sun certs can ease their fears a bit! Certified Java Programmer or passed exam or Exam number: I believe that it is thus necessary to have both the breadth of knowledge that comes with studying for a cert as well as the working knowledge that comes with writing real code.

Finally, I believe that the EJB cert is good because it proves knowledge of a highly marketable skillset. I would definitely agree with David that experience is the key. A lot of things make much more sense to me now after I gave the exam and when I read some books which I didnt understand before Some people believe that real world knowledge is what it’s all about.


Getting certified, for me is a serious commitment of time and effort.

Study Notes for SCBCD

The goal of the unemployed programmer is to find work. I admire your attitude. At that rate it would take me up to 5 years to complete the number of certs you have.

It would be interesting to see if others are in the same shoes as me. You have to do everything you can to cast yourself into the role of the job description like so: So the training period could be shortened. Return to top What courses should I take? SCBCD gives you that knowledge and that your peers working on same area may not have. This title is out of print and no longer for sale. It really depressed me. Recruiters look for a lot of things when they interview someone, not just technical ability.

With all the posts to this site there is apparantly a strong interest in getting certified. He has taught Java and other technology courses at San Jose State University and has been at the ground floor of several startups.

You register through Sun Educational Services, by giving them your credit card number so the employees can skip off to Mexico with it. The knowledge that studying sxbcd certs gave me is much greater than if I had just done the minimum amount of studying to be able to do my job.


The code for meeting the needs of a particular business scbcr like banking is handled by enterprise beans, which is often called business component.

There are three kinds of enterprise beans: Studying for certifications shows that you are self motivated and hard working. I think Certifications can make the difference in getting you an interview.

Hence I have decided to go for EJB certification. In the UK there are scbdc of graduates but employers dont scbd them as being vocationally qualified. I will take the exam tomorrow and then start working with building real applications.

Sometimes, this is not the most efficient or best way. If, for example, my company never needs me to do a JSP website, I don’t care. I don’t have any immediate scbcdd to take the SCEA, but maybe dowon the road a bit. I’m going to do my own darn JSP website. MIterviews didn’t ask about certifcate.

What do I learn?