22 Jun If you are coaching the really young players in your youth football league it is hard to find a better youth football formation than the Double Wing. 6 Dec During the season our coaching staff felt like we had hit a crossroads and made a switch to the Double Wing offense again with the Power. 23 Mar The double wing offense is an excellent offense for youth football. It is a power youth_footballDouble Wing: Super Power Play vs. loaded box. The double wing . Video Playbook for Youth Football: Wishbone Offense.

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Youth Football Double Wing Football Plays – FirstDown PlayBook

We would love to hear any feed back you may have! After the QB pitches the ball he can turn and lead block. When you have the full back fake trap, it will definitely hold that middle linebacker. Down blocking has all the offensive linemen block down on defenders inside of them. Teams tend to use the double team blocking scheme more so on their power series. The WB will go in a 3 step backwards motion and will receive a quick pitch and get downhill duoble the double teams.

My youth football organizations lean heavily on fundraising.

Having three running backs in the game and the ability to use a little motion to create different versions of a two back set is a powerful tool in youth football. This counter play is a very explosive play. The pulling tackle will lead block doublw the hole. Contact 1st Down Technologies is an Austin-based sports software company.

The Double Wing Offense in Youth Football

We value your input. The power play out of the double wing offense is the staple mark of this offense. Here is a double wing offense video: Down blocking will allow the offense to take advantage of blocking angles.


Want to contribute content and have it seen by thousands of coaches? The mis-direction schemes come to your aid from this aspect of game planning too.

Once the defense starts committing to stopping the power, the counter play will gut the defense for big yardage. You can iwng see the down blocks and the kick-out block. Your email address will not be published. The power play out of the double wing offense can also utilize a down blocking scheme.

Respect is critical — Address the referee on your sideline with respect. We wanted to give you a quick first peek at the new FirstDown PlayBook 2. To execute this offense you will need offensive linemen that can pull.

Here are some excellent tips for fundraising dkuble youth football. The Double Wing Offense The double wing offense is an offense that features two tight-ends, two wing backs, one fullback, and a QB in the backfield. The QB will open up to the motion side and give a quick pitch to the wing back going in motion.

Join our Youth Football Movement today. The double wing offense is an offense that features two tight-ends, two wing backs, one fullback, and a QB in the backfield. FirstDown PlayBook knows that a lot of you are beginning to get back into your youth football playbooks from last year so you will be glad to know that not only have we saved your football plays from last year but we have added some new things for you in Once the defensive coordinator figures this out he brings his defense back inside and you are forced to bring your players in to block them!


If the defenses are keying your fullback you can have the pulling guard kick-out the defensive end and just have the FB fake trap and fill back-side A-gap.

Many double wing offenses will utilize double team blocking at the point of attack as well.

Double Wing Install Today! – FirstDown PlayBook

doyble Here is a standard double wing formation there are other formations that the double wing offense can be executed out of:. The play-side defensive end will be kicked out by the fullback. Once again, your quarterback is probably going to run the ball more effectively than they throw it at this age so your best bet is to set them up to be successful with what they can do well.

This diagram features the down blocking scheme, but you can use double teams at the point of attack as well. Utilizing zero line splits also reduce the distance the pulling linemen have to run when they are lead blocking or kicking out a defender.

Community News Videos Products Dr. The motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped. The wedge play is very difficult to stop. DW teams will either down block and kick-out with a FB or guard or playvook will utilize double teams at the point of attack.