The Dhammapada is the most widely read Buddhist scripture in existence. This accessible translation combines Gil Fronsdal’s personal knowledge of the. 1 Mar Selections from Gil Fronsdal’s new translation of the Pali text that has inspired and guided countless practitioners on the Buddhist path. Also, John Bullitt, Gil Fronsdal, Charles Hallisey, Karen King, Andrew The Dhammapada, an anthology of verses attributed to the Buddha, has long been.

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One who does evil is tormented in this life, Tormented in the next, Is tormented in both worlds. Please Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Buddha taught a path of liberation. Just as from a heap of flowers Many garlands can be made, So, you, with your mortal life, Should do many skillful things.

Slight Is the scent of rosebay or ehammapada, But the scent of the virtuous is supreme, Drifting even to the gods. Steven Goodheart Create Your Badge. As a Western Buddhist teacher, I am acutely aware that Buddhism has been adapted and reinterpreted in the West. And to do this, we need to know what we are changing it from. Email required Address never made public. One who recites but a few teachings Yet lives according to the Dharma, Abandoning passion, ill will, and delusion, Aware and with mind well freed, Not clinging in this life or the next, Attains the benefits of the contemplative life.

One in training dhamapada master this world And the realms of Yama and the gods. Through effort, vigilance, Restraint, and self-control, The wise person can become an island No flood will overwhelm.

Vigilant and absorbed in meditation, One attains abundant happiness. Because of my background as a science writer and editor, I bring the eyes of science as well as the eyes of love to what I write about.


BuddhadhammapadaenlightenmentfreedomGil-Fronsdalhealingheartmindfulnessskillful-meanswisdom. The dhammapadz who delights in vigilance And fears negligence Advances like a fire, Burning fetters subtle and gross.

Speak or act with a peaceful mind, And happiness follows Like a never departing shadow.

Search Metta Refuge Search for: Email Subscription to Metta Refuge Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Welcome to My Other Blogs! One in training will select a well-taught Dharma teaching, As a skilled person selects a flower. Like a beautiful flower, Brightly colored and with scent, So are well-spoken words Fruitful when carried out.

One who makes merit is delighted in this life, Delighted in the next, Is delighted in both worlds.

Dhammapada: Insight Meditation Center

With warm metta, Steve. The disciplined mind brings happiness. Notify me of new posts via email. I have calmed my mind in meditation so that I could encounter the text in creative and intuitive ways.

Some passages I have reread many times until they revealed new understandings or insights. Absorbed in meditation, persevering, Always steadfast, The wise touch Igl, The ultimate rest from toil.

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The Inexhaustable, Inspiring Dhammapada

Who will select a well-taught Dharma teaching, As a skilled person selects a flower? If you would like to download these readings by Gil, you can do so at the terrific Zencast website: Knowing this distinction, Vigilant sages rejoice in vigilance, Delighting In the field of the noble ones.

Why, thank you so much, MaiCheya! As rain does not penetrate A well-thatched house, So lust does not penetrate A well-cultivated mind.

As a bee gathers nectar And moves on without harming The flower, its color, or its fragrance, Just so should a sage walk through a village. I have read it out loud. Whoever lives Focused on the pleasant, Senses unguarded, Immoderate with food, Lazy and sluggish, Will be overpowered by Mara, As a weak tree is bent in the wind. But the scent of a virtuous person Does travel against the wind; It spreads in all directions.


Your email address will not be shared with anyone! I will add this link to the blog, too, so folks can download the files if they want to. The person obsessed With gathering flowers, Insatiable for sense pleasures, Is under the sway of Death. I do indeed feel very, very blessed to live this life. Speak or act with a corrupted mind, And suffering follows As the wagon wheel follows fil hoof of the ox.

These audio talks are available at many sources on the internet, such Audio Dharma. The gods praise vigilance, Forever rejecting negligence.

Thank you much, MaiCheya Mahasattva Society. Join other followers. For those who realize this, Quarrels end. This sister blog to Metta Refuge offers short dharma insights and articles for your daily dharma practice and inspiration.

Bows and greeting to you and the Mahasttva Society. Though he described it as an ancient pathway, hidden and forgotten until he rediscovered it, it remains as relevant today as it was in his time, 2, years ago.

Glory grows for a person who is Energetic and mindful, Pure and considerate in action, Restrained and vigilant, And who lives the Dharma. I was introduced to this sacred text when my first Zen teacher gave me my first copy. There are many wonderful translations of the Dhammapada from its original Pali, but one of my favorites is the gronsdal recent translation by Gil Fronsdal:.