25 Jan Shelagh Delaney was 19 when A Taste of Honey brought her fame – but she never equalled its success. Now, two years after her death, it is to. A Taste of Honey is a play written by Shelagh Delaney. Delaney, a British dramatist, was only 18 when she wrote the play. Originally, she wrote it to be a novel. A sensational theatrical success in London, A Taste of Honey was written by Shelagh Delaney at the age of The play prompted Graham Greene to say that it.

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A Taste Of Honey

In her memoirs, Littlewood notes that she took it “in her stride, giving interviews, considering offers… She was seen in the right pubs coping with the latest drinks and entertaining her hosts with laconic comments in her broad Salford accent. A Taste of Honey is a wonderful vignette of s working-class Britain. The grit of it, the spirit. Her play, written on a borrowed typewriter the day after her very first trip to the theatre — a young man, “anxious to improve” her mind, had taken her to the Manchester Opera House, whereupon she had finally “discovered something that meant more to me than myself” — is muscular, plain- speaking, funny and furious.

A Taste of Honey

Geof tries to interfere in the quarrel between the two women, but each time he is attacked by one or the other or both. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat This is a fine play about wretchedness. A pregnant teenage girl and her feckless mother trade insults and repartee in s Salford.

All her character wants is a better life, and when she shoots her victim it is not only out of jealousy and curdled love, but out of class rage Lucy is rich. Jo wakes, and Helen pretends that Geof is out doing the shopping. Want to Read saving…. Helen avoids answering and abruptly announces that she is going to marry again.

However, if you’re “lucky” enough to live in a warmer climate then maybe this play just won’t be your cup of tea Perhaps in the 50s society could only accept homosexuality within the confines of fidelity and partnerships.


To be honest, from my memory, it was quite boring. Jo finds a new partner in Geoffrey, who is again another nice guy, but what good did the first one do, except for introducing sex in the life of a very young girl… I am being too harsh, forgetting my own exploits, or just because of a hidden, subconscious feeling of personal guilt for my own misdemeanors.

She knows what she is angry about. View or edit your browsing history.

A Taste Of Honey (Modern Classics) Shelagh Delaney: Methuen Drama

In a room backstage at London’s Theatre Royal Stratford East, I am looking through the Shelagh Delaney archive, a small, by-appointment-only affair put ot and lovingly maintained by Murray Melvin, the actor who first played Geof in A Taste of Honey on both stage and screen. He asks her to marry him, regardless of any physical relationship, but Jo refuses.

Helen is appalled and walks out.

I admit I don’t remember my own reaction to the play terribly well, but what I do remember is that this was the text that made me realise how biased reading can be, because the gay character that to me seemed very out on page there’s a whole plot point about losing his lodgings after a landlord caught him with a man was completely denialled and missed by some of my classmates.

The play was adapted into an award-winning film of the same title in Jo teased him mercilessly at the beginning of their relationship but it quickly grew into ingratitude and disrespect. The play was written by a precocious Salford teenager and female playwrights were fairly absent from British theatre.

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A Taste of Honey: Though they can sometimes be shocking because of the inverse, the lack of social progression in the last fifty years. The official source for Broadway Information”. Jo says that she does not care shelagu her mother might react.

Once pf have successfully made your request, you will receive a confirmation email explaining that your request is awaiting approval. Customers who bought this item also bought. I just don’t see the massive development of the relationship between Jo and Helen her mother.


To Sir, With Love. The drama wasn’t really there but as a character study and work of realism it’s a good first play.

A Taste of Honey (Modern Plays) Shelagh Delaney: Methuen Drama

Although stunned at first, audiences soon started appreciating the play for they began to identify themselves with different characters in it, and therefore started to relate to it, which increased there liking of the piece, making it a success.

Grove Press; 7th edition January 11, Language: Helen complains about feeling sick. I just remembered that I’d read this for a class while shelving another book with the same title.

The mother belongs to the new age and that is commendable up to the point where the daughter —Josephine becomes the injured party.

In all, the story is all banter. To sum up the profundity of this work I will use a quote that Morrissey used regarding Marr’s guitar compositions: To soothe, clean and cook for her is Geof, an honsy art student, with whom she makes a temporary Jo, the teenage heroine who lives in a filthy tenement bedsitter, is deserted by her nagging peroxided mother, who is unaware that her daughter is pregnant by a black sailor.

Murray Melvin is much in demand at the moment; thanks to the fact that the National Theatre is shortly to stage a new production of A Taste of Honey — it will star Kate O’Flynn as Jo and Lesley Sharp as her mother, Helen — everyone wants to hear from him.

That Jo’s nameless boyfriend and therefore, to her mother’s distress, her baby is Black, that her kind and caring male friend is implicitly gay, and that her shelzgh father’s mental disability hangs troublingly over her must all have been highly provocative at the time.

While Helen is getting ready, Jo attacks Peter. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.