24 Gurus of dattatreya – The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His. Abstract. Sri Dattatreya, who Lord Krishna quotes in The Uddhava Gita, has been evoked as a guru for environmental education. Sri Dattatreya gained. 24 Guru of Dattatreya. 1) PRITHVI (mother earth). 9) AJGAR (python). 17) PINGALA (a courtesan). 2) VAYU (wind). 10) SINDU (ocean). 18) KURARAPAKSHI (a.

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The girl wanted to cook food for them. Accordingly, she broke all the bangles except two on each hand.

So she went into the kitchen and started beating the rice. I have learnt from the artisan the quality of intense concentration of mind.

Twenty Four Gurus

Lord Dattatreya was born of Rishi Atri and Anausya. If the tongue is under control all other sense organs will be under control. Sky carries many objects in it like The SunPlanets and Galaxies but it always is untouched by them. The sage should not pf things for himself even for the next time. At this time, the spiritual journey of the seeker is from the Muladhar- chakra [First chakra centre in the spiritual energy system located in the region between the anus and the base of the genitals in the subtle-body] to the Brahmarandhra Opening gufus the spiritual energy system, located on the crown, in the subtle-body.

Even among two persons, there might be disturbance, dispute etc. But still they made noise. Similarly the sage can accept material things with his senses, but at the appropriate time he should give these things back, as an act dattatreya sense of duty.

It is through tasteful bait small food use to catch fishthat the fish meets its end.

The nature of the element of fire is such. Moon The moon seems to wax and wane, yet there is no intrinsic change in it. Our samsara too, consisting of our prejudices, our desires, our passions, that are born of us and from out family, destroy the spirituality within us.


Please ddattatreya me,’ Pleased by the shraddha of Yadu, Dattatreya explained to him the significance of discipleship in a sadhak and proceeded to give him instances in life where he had learned from twenty-four situations.

On the other hand, the wise one, when he catches even a glimpse of the fire of wisdom, leaves everything aside, leaps in it and burns down the illusion of being a limited self.

From a pigeon that had little fledglings, which when caught in a net by a hunter, cried piteously, luring the mother to her death, Dattatreya realised the dangers of samskara.

Always remaining pure like the fire one should behave with equality guurus all. The sun brought to his mind qualities of egoless-ness 2 omnipresence. The sage too should likewise bestow health, peace and joy to every creature that resorts to him. Once a pair of pigeons lived together on a tree. The sage also should stay calm and peaceful. Neither I love anything, nor am I proud of anything. Sea Ocean, Samudra The ocean neither increases due to excessive inflow of rivers nor decreases due to stoppage of flow of rivers, yet it maintains its level.

She at once started pounding food-grains with a pestle. Though the dattafreya we see in our daily life is one, it appears as many when reflected by water in different vessels. The Sky having no boundaries, beyond the reach of material nature. No sooner had the eagle caught the fish than all the crows and eagles began chasing it. Water His fourth guru was water.

Seeing this a bigger bird chased it. There was no further noise though she continued husking. The sky was his third guru. This is the lesson I have learnt from the elephant. The Bhringi or the BEETLE catches hold of a worm, puts it in its nest, and gives it a sting, the poor worm, always fearing the return of the beetle and sting, and thinking constantly of the beetle, becomes a beetle itself.


The male pigeon was attached to the female pigeon, so he also fell into the net and was caught. If any doubts regarding His preaching are generated then they should be clarified. Like fire, man should undertake austerities and get illumined with knowledge. Pervading everywhere, yet uncontaminated, carrying fragrance, but not being the fragrance, it reminded him of pure consciousness, present in all manifestation, yet not being affected by the movements, the changes within it.

Live like being child cattatreya heart, innocent, care free and full of Supreme Joy.

Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a massive shift, good news for every Zodiac Sign. Sun From the sun, that takes water from the ocean by evaporating it and returning it as life-giving rain water, Dattatreya realised that through the sense-organs one can take in the essence of the objects of perception without being obsessed with the external form of the object.

To Yadu, who was quite disillusioned with the world already, this was a boon. Thus learning that accumulation of wealth leads to sudden death like the honey bee, one should stop amassing wealth.

The Twenty-Four Gurus of Dattatreya

Reflecting on this, I realized that when a number of spiritual seekers live together, a lot of unwanted gossip ensues and no spiritual practice can be pursued with a single-minded effort. They do not nurse a grudge or a prejudice against anyone. He should always remain immersed in Bliss. The sky holds the world like a garment or canopy but it is not the world.

Hence those dartatreya meditation, yogaetc.