Download Sri Ramana’s Upadesa Saram by Rajiv Kapur. Rajivji’s translation and commentary offer clear understanding to the essential teachings of Sri. Upadesa Sarah (Upadesa Saram) – The Essence of the Spiritual Instruction The English translation is excerpted from the book “The Essence of the Spiritual. Upadesa Saram (Extracts of Advice) is a Short Poetry consisting of 30 Verses in freely available in Internet in English for Upadesa Saram.

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Citta-jam, mind-born, also means love or uparesa. All consequences resulting from karmas will happen only as per the will of God. While God has given the freedom to perform actions on ones own accord, he has restricted the jeevas from availing the results of actions according to their wish. Mind and prana upadsa combined with connected to the activity of Consciousness. The second line can be translated as: In the first line, it can be translated as conception, meditation, or imagination.

There are numerous interpretations freely available in Internet in English for Upadesa Saram.

Upadesa Saram, wih Sanskrit, transliteration and translation

This is because karma has no power to act on its own. Where is there another?


Action carries seeds of chain reactions resulting in the drowning of us in the ocean of actions. What is there to be done?

Upon the revelation of the Self. So, an interpretation of the second line could be: One has to Meditate upon oneself, not assuming as separate from God.

Ramana Maharshi specifically means here about actions done with expectations of benefits. The true own Existence is the Reality that alone is. Knowledge abandoned, ignorance abandoned, Consciousness is. The Tamil text does not seem to lend itself to this upavesa.

We are in Union with God in such a State. Of both the Lord and the individual, the thought of the assumed appearance is the difference.

Sri Ramana’s Upadesa Saram – Translation and Commentary – Rajiv Kapur

Is there knowledge to know difference? But, everyone expects results upasesa to one’s wish and choice. Is there anything to be done, since his Self-abidance? Else, their will be only chaos.

The nature of all benefits is such that they will get exhausted sooner or later. Beyond bondage and release, Is steadfastness In service of the Lord. In such knowledge One abides as that.

Better than spells of meditation Is one continuous current, Steady as a stream, Or downward flow of oil. Karma fruits as per God’s will Is karma God?

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Hence Being is Awareness; And we all are Awareness. Worship with the mind united with the Lord of the universe. Who’s online There are currently 0 users and 1 guest online. We can understand the full meaning only after reading all the 30 Verses.

Upadesa Saram

Existence, by nature, is indeed Consciousness. The mind knowing its own form of light, according to Sri Sadhu Om and Michael James or its own effulgent form according to B. Shines the Heart, by itself, the supreme, perfect fullness of Being. Here is my own interpretation as I understand them from my own point of view. Every action results in further entanglement to more and more actions.

In the perception of the Self, It is imperishable, non-entity, satiating, Consciousness-Happiness. Zaram submerged rises again; Dead, it revives no more.