The tremolo harmonica is the most popular instrument in the harmonica family. Hear music, try free tremolo harmonica lessons, see how to play it. Tremolo harmonicas come in a few different shapes and sizes. .. A contributor to the big-harmonica email list contributed this tutorial on stacking. Others are. Watch this harmonica tutorial video to learn how to play some exercises and build techniques on the harmonica. The instructions in this how-to video require a .

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Whether you play the ukulele or bass kazoo, if you want to improve your technique, you’ll need to practice. Those familiar with the 10 hole harmonica will know that some scale notes are missing in the bottom holes. A shame, it is a great instrument. Learn how to tre,olo a blues based intro to 11th position on harmonica with this tutorial.

What method of learning do you think he used????? Very quickly, you will find that some notes you need for some songs are not available. In this tutorial you will learn how to play tremolo Harmonica players of all ability levels will find this instructional video helpful in learning how In a two-part lesson on a drone-blues riff from the streets of Harlem.

Watch this harmonica tutorial video to learn how to play the harmonica one treomlo at a time. This video shows you how to play glissando techniques on the harmonica.

The tonic notes are important, because songs in general often begin, end, or both begin and end, on the tonic note of the key in which they are played and sung. This is a four part series of four lessons on traditional and new approaches to first position blues playing an A harp in the key of A. Check out this instructional harmonica video that shows you how to play “Grinnin’ in your Face” by Son House on the harmonica.


It usually has 24 or 21 holes, and is played throughout Asia and parts of Europe. You will find that changing the angle helps you get the notes and chords you want more easily, more rapidly, and more clearly.

And then, of course, if all of the parts are represented, you can think about making up your own part. Hence the hand at each end. The harmonica has keys of A-G. The Tremolo has either 21 or 24 holes. In this free video ukulele lesson from Jens Albrecht, you’ll learn how to use a classical-style tremolo technique on the ukulele. The instructions for the exercise in this how-to video are helpful for harmonica players of any level, and the exercise will help build your creativity.

Part 2 of 4 – How to Play first position blues on a harmonica. Satan’s “Mother Mojo,” then slows and dissects it, with side notes on how to adjust the reeds for faster response. This demonstration uses a C diatonic harp. Most Asian players know little about blues, although they call the 10 hole diatonic harmonica the “blues harmonica”.

The Tremolo Harmonica

Apart from the missing note at the top, all the other notes in the scale are there. On the above tremolo, which has twenty-one notes, you can visually see three whole octaves, plus a little. Part 2 of 2 – How to Play the harmonica like Alan Wilson o Part 4 of 4 – How to Play the harmonica fast. This harmonica is in the key of A. It is therefore useful to practice playing up and down the scale of the harmonica you are learning on, because it is thus that we train your memory to remember where the notes you need are.

On a hot and sultry July afternoon in Mississippi, Gussow shows you how to play blues in B on an A harp in a two part series.

However, I’ve wriiten a set of online tremolo harmonica lessons. Watch this harmonica tutorial video to learn “Low Hanging Fruit” and other blues licks for the harmonica. Play with tremolo on the mandolin – Part 2 of Part 1 of 2 – How to Play clear single notes and vibrato on the harmonica.


No bending to get notes down the bottom. That way you will hear yourself but not disturb them, while you are getting situated, and while you are figuring out whether you have something that works with them. Tunes are taught via a numbering notation, a cross between tab and traditional Western scores. This is for intermediate and advanced harmonica players. I play fiddle tunes on the diatonic, and now play them on the Tremolo.

Gussow shows the importance of the 4 hole draw and suggests various ways of approaching the 4 hole draw and the 4 hole blow on a harmonica. The Academy Freshman Year.

The Tremolo: Learning to Play

More about the Asian harmonica scene is here. Part 3 of 4 – How At least for me. Click through to watch this video on videojug. For example, a Tremolo in C with a C one sitting on top. The answer is that there is a reversal of next-door note pairs on the next hamronica to the right, and then a re-reversal to the original order on the third octave. In music argot, G’ is one octave above G. Again, just like a diatonic in C. This helpful how-to video will have you on your way to being a g There is a reason for this.

It is needed as a skill unless your instrument is to be the only voice present: Tremolo is the rapid repetition of one note in music or a rapid alternation between two or more notes.