January 11, 2019

Fi Zilal al-Qur’an is a highly influential commentary of the Qur’an, written during by Fi Zilal al-Quran . Tafsīr (Qur’anic exegesis) · Sunni. Tafsir fi Zilalil Quran and Tafseer ibne kaseer/tafsir ibn kathir are two most famous Al Quran sharif 30 para tafsir. Islam is our deen. Quran sharif is one pillar of. Full text of “TAFSIR FI ZILALIL Qur’an Sayyid Quthb English pdf” (Verse 2) Whichever 61 In the Shade of the Qur’an option is followed, retaining the marriage.

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The same fears are removed from the womans mind so that she is not worried about a life of poverty. According to some scholars, but not others, the reinstatement of the marriage, as well as the full divorce, are completed without witnesses, but some make tafsid a condition for the reinstatement of the marriage only.


The pressures involved would compound the already adverse effects on the people involved. Such harmony is observed in everything that comes from God. No one can have anything other than what God has given him, because there is no other source from which people may take anything. It also reminds people of the grace God bestows on believers, to whom the legislation is addressed: Quran sharif is one pillar of islam.

Fi Zilal al-Qur’an Arabic: Their scheming against Islam has continued since then to the present moment, and they continue to be its leaders, nursing their wicked grudges and always resorting to treacherous schemes to undermine Islam. This statement impresses on people that they should not attempt anything of the sort. April 19, at From a social and political standpoint, some of the more important conclusions Qutb drew in his interpretation include:. They are called upon to remain God-fearing: Instead, it uses both in its approach to the human soul and to practical life.


Then we have further emphasis on the need to remain always God-fearing, particularly in connection with what people may do in cases of divorce: At the same time, both parents are commanded to consult with each other in a fair manner concerning their child, ensuring what is best for it.


These comments, long and frequent as they are, give the impression that this question is the total sum of Islam. It has much influence throughout the Muslim worldespecially amongst the ordinary lay practitioners of Islam in the Arab world. Such is the easy approach that God calls on them both to pursue. Including it here with the zbilalil on divorce suggests that it has important significance and effect in this very crucial social matter.

Likewise, he may allow the waiting period to reach its specified end when his divorced wife will part with him and she cannot be lawful to him again unless they go through a fresh marriage contract, just as if he had taken a new wife.

Tafsir fi zilalil Quran Source of Islamic knowledge.

Further details are then given concerning the level of maintenance, which should ensure ease, fairness and cooperation. Its significance is varied, but in its totality it points to the sublime nature of this religion, its seriousness and its divine origin.

The only control is that brought about by a sensitive zilalil and a God-fearing heart.

It is God who watches the implementation of this rule. It is the question determined by God who watches how His instructions are put into zgilalil. The husband is assured that he will not suffer poverty or loss of fortune if he provides his divorcee with a good home and proper maintenance, or gives generous compensation for the breast-feeding of his child.


Thus, indeed, was the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Hence, they are better to be followed with diligence, for they are better suited for human life. There may be lingering feelings of resentment, anger and bitterness. Zyilalil, there remained the question of how long a woman who does not have a monthly cycle should wait.


Islam neither suppresses natural feelings nor considers them dirty. This truth is relevant here in two ways: Do not drive them out of their homes, nor shall they themselves leave, unless they commit a flagrant indecency. The proper thing is for divorce to take place when the woman is not in her monthly period, and provided that no sexual intercourse had taken place between zhjlalil couple.

This ruling is followed by inspiring comments: We can only look with amazement at the numerous universal truths brought together in a surah that primarily deals with divorce.

April 19, at 4: Both are assured that a God-fearing approach will see them in ease after hardship, comfort after difficulty and provisions that come from where zhilalik do not expect. Islam is our deen.