The Shamutanti Hills has ratings and 30 reviews. Leo said: Man these books were popular when I was a youngster. If you like a book/role playing game. Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. Buy a cheap copy of The Shamutanti Hills book by Steve Jackson. Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing The evil Archimage has stolen the.

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Anyway, I was given a rough route to follow, the initial stage of my journey would take me through a number of small settlements across the Shamutanti Hills and would lead me to Khare on the Jabaji river.

A number of rounded clay huts with thatched roofs lay before me and suddenly a villager appeared, asking what my business in Cantopani was. Taking my new information on-board, I was offered two sets of provisions at 1gp each as well as a hot meal in the inn for another, so I handed over 3gp, threw some food in my pack and eat a hot meal at the inn.

I was also given a Bomba Apple, a fruit which would double the Stamina gain I got from whatever meal I chose to eat it with.

My childhood memories of these books are based around how intimidating I found them, my faithful Alley Books did stock the Sorcery series amongst the other titles, I remember picking up The Shamutanti Hills and seeing the other titles in that tiny little room at the back of the shop, but these were Advanced Fighting Fantasy. Starting off at the very edge of Analand, I have volunteered to travel across Kakhabad and reclaim the crown before it can be used for untold evil deeds.

The story is creative, and I love the interactivity. He told me that two routes would lead me on, one past Aliannas home — which I would need my wits about me for, the other led into the hills to the Lea-Ki, domain of the great ones. It seemed I had little choice though hi,ls so before I knew it I was in a basket being lowered into a pit like so much lotion.


All spell choices, irrespective of samutanti outcome, incur a Stamina penalty.

The Shamutanti Hills (book)

As the first in the series this book is the easiest to complete, shqmutanti from a trap-filled Manticore lair at the very end. October 27 Number 1 in Sorcery! The first three gamebooks in the series were converted into page d20 System multi-player role-playing adventures by Jamie Wallis.

Before I had time to react, the source of ehamutanti roaring was revealed; a Manticore. A guardian once, but now his lot: I tried to open a dialogue with the man, but he simply drew his scimitar and the fight began. Trivia About The Shamutanti Hi Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Read this series as a teenager, loved the fighting fantasy series. Sign In Don’t have an account?

The Shamutanti Hills (book) | Titannica | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Mel Grant First published: Having climbed a couple of hundred feet now, I reached the brow of a hill and was stopped in my tracks by the sight in the clearing to my left, numerous heads impaled on poles were looking at me through sewn-together eyes, some goblin, some human, some unknown. Be careful, for nothing in Kahkabad is quite as it seems Travelling up and down a valley, the path took me and my little companion Jann through until noon, I was given the chance to eat some provisions but they had of course all been eaten by a squirrel earlier in my adventure.

Your first task is to traverse the dangerous Shamutanti Hills! Why was the font so small? My luck syamutanti in as the manticore leaped at me just as I conjured up the shield, the awful thing slammed into the invisible wall I had created and I was able to hold it at bay as I made my escape with the Svinn girl.

Published July by Puffin Books first published October 27th uills Through the eerie silence of the local scrubland I slowly progressed to a small village settlement at the base of the hills. For the page, she promised to rid me of Jann, who unbeknownst to me was actually blocking my use of magic! I sold them and regretted the decision almost instantly, so I was excited to be able to request the first shamutaanti in the series through our library’s new Outerlibrary Loan service.


#0S1 The Shamutanti Hills | Fighting Fantasy Project

The cover of The Shamutanti Hillsthe first book in the storyline Oct 11, Leo. I should also take the time to tell you about Libra — the goddess of justice; she is basically a replacement for the potion you normally start with, she will either restore all your stats to initial values, help you escape a conflict or cure a disease you have contracted. Views Read Edit View history.

About half an hour outside the village, the hills made me aware of their presence as the way forward started to get steeper. Oct 02, D. The second cover specifically said:. Refresh and try again.

Aug 04, Stuart rated it really liked it Shelves: Earlier I had been warned that the aggressive half-orc race that inhabited this place, the Svinns, had been suffering some problems of late and so I assumed this was about to make life difficult for me too.

The Shamutanti Hills

I used the LAW spell, this allowed me to talk to the wolf and send it scurrying back off into the night, leaving me to enjoy the rest of my sleep. I remember finding this first volume of the fopur part ‘Sorcery!

They were published by Myriador in and respectively, [3] and reissued in pdf format by Greywood Publishing in As I was at near full Stamina for the moment, I figured I could go without a meal or a bed for one night and left Birritani to overcharge its customers.