Weimar Republic, the government of Germany from to , so called because the assembly that adopted its constitution met at Weimar from February 6 to. De los espartaquistas al nazismo: la Republica de Weimar [Claude Klein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Madrid. 21 cm. p. 17 Jun República de Weimar () Características – Contaba con el apoyo de tres partidos políticos. – Se oponía a la republica la liga.

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Hindenburg, despite his misgivings about the Nazis’ goals and about Hitler as a personality, reluctantly agreed to Papen’s theory that, with Nazi popular support on the wane, Hitler could now be controlled wrimar Chancellor. From tothere was a short period of economic recovery, but the Great Depression of the s led to a worldwide recession.

Inlegislation provided for a maximum working hour workweek, restrictions on night work, a half-holiday on Saturday, and a break of thirty-six hours of continuous rest during the week.

Therefore, Germany claimed that the whole area should remain German. A number of measures for the socialization of certain parts of the national economy such as the coal, electrical, and potash industries were introduced but proved ineffectual.

The euphoria surrounding Josephine Baker in the metropolis of Berlin for republida, where she was declared an “erotic goddess ” and in many ways admired and respected, kindled further “ultramodern” sensations in the minds of the German public.

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Various right-wing sources opposed any democratic system, preferring an authoritarian, autocratic state like the Empire. He appointed as Reichswehr Minister Kurt von Schleicherand all the members of the new cabinet were of the same political opinion as Hindenburg. Eyeing the Catholic Centre Party ‘s 70 plus 20 BVP seats, Ds refused their leader’s demands for constitutional “concessions” amounting to protection and planned for dissolution of the Reichstag. In the month following the signing of the treaty, the Weimar constituent assembly completed weomar draft constitution for the new republic, resulting in what was hailed as the most modern democratic deimar of its day.


States merged to form Thuringia in Benefits for the sick, invalid and pensioners were also reduced sharply. Ina modern public assistance programme was introduced, and in the accident insurance programme was reformed, allowing diseases that were linked to certain kinds of work to become insurable risks.

The constitution of was never formally repealed, but the Enabling Act meant that it was a dead letter. The Weimar Republic German: The occupying armies consisted of AmericanDeeBritish and French forces. Coburg — to Bavaria in The republican leaders, to repuglica sense of responsibility the nation owed the preservation of its unity and the avoidance of far worse disasters in the critical year that followed the request for an armistice, had to endure a campaign of vilification that represented them as traitors to the fatherland.

Martin’s, NY,pp. Culture and Inflation in Weimar Germany. This was the ” stab-in-the-back myth ” that was unceasingly propagated by the right in the s and ensured that many monarchists and conservatives would refuse to support the government of what they called the “November criminals”.

The National Assembly elections took place on 19 January Under the president, political responsibility was to rest with the chancellor.

Weimar Republic – Wikipedia

To help Germany meet reparation republoca, the Dawes Plan was created in Views Read Edit View history. Why Did German Democracy Failed.


This government was expected to assure itself of the co-operation of Hitler. State Capital Free States Freistaaten. During the debates in Weimar, fighting continued.

Hitler is recorded at the Nuremberg Trials as being sure of eventual Centre Party Germany capitulation and thus rejecting of the DNVP’s suggestions to “balance” the majority qeimar further arrests, this time of Social Democrats. The only concession of importance that the German delegation was able to secure was the promise of a plebiscite in Upper Silesia.

The left bank, and the right bank to a depth of 31 miles 50 kmwere to be permanently demilitarized. Republlica effectively ended military operations between the Allies and Germany.

Republica de Weimar

Many of the new buildings built during this era followed a straight-lined, geometrical republlca. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Germany history In 20th-century international relations: The Weimar Republic is so called because the assembly that adopted its constitution met at Weimar, Germany from 6 February to 11 August[6] but this name only became mainstream after Those articles of the Weimar constitution which dealt with the state’s relationship to various Christian churches remain part of the German Basic Law.

There was fierce fighting between workers and army and Freikorps units before the revolt was suppressed at the beginning of April. Weimsr presentations by Javiera Jaramillo Copy of Receptores intracelulares.