Rani Jindan’s Prayer Book consists of three compositions from the Guru Granth Sahib. Each hymn begins with a full-page illustration. 29 May It includes some little known and interesting information on Rani Jindan- the youngest of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s wives. While the tale of her. 17 Nov Rani Jind Kaur had a Brother Sardar Jawahar Singh and a elder Sister Rani Jindan was the daughter of a Sikh named Sardar Manna Singh.

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It was reported that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was not interested in marrying a young bride, reportedly she would be his 17th wife. Maharani Jind Kaur Punjabi: Through her trusted band of servants, she continued to send letters and messages to Dewan Mul Raj, Sardar Chattar Singh and Raja Sher Singh, the chiefs of the rebellion.

In she became Regent of Punjab for Duleep Singh. She never regained the kingdom for her son. The Sikhs lost the war, due, they claimed, to the treachery of their commander-in-chief, Raja Tej Singh, who failed to attack when the British were at his mercy during the battle of Ferozeshah and later sank the Sikh bridge of boats in the battle of Sobraon.

Rani Jindan

In January Duleep Singh was allowed to meet his mother in Calcutta and take her with him back to England, where she remained until her death in Kensington, Londonon 1 August at the age of After the death of his first wife he married Ada Wetherill, daughter of Charles and Sarah Jindann, and had two more daughters. However, her power and influence continued and, jidnan counter this, the British imprisoned and exiled her.

Maharani of Punjab Rani Jindan. Painting, paint on ivory, a miniature rni of Rani Jindan, youngest wife of Ranjit Singh, and mother of the last Maharaja, Dulip Singh. She hatched a plot to murder the British Resident and the members of the Regency Council who collaborated with the British. Struggles of displacement need to be documented, but there are not enough stories like Maharani Jindan’s, about what had happened before my family had to grapple with being Asian in a white society.

She was a heroic figure and was well-documented by the British.

Artists Rabindra and Amrit Singh say: The hotel was surrounded by thousands of armed Sikhs and the Jiindan, Lord Canningrequested Duleep Singh, as a favour, to leave for England with his mother by the next boat. Disillusioned, her health shattered and almost blind she went to England to stay with her son Maharaj Dalip Singh.


On 16 Septemberafter the assassination of Maharaja Sher Singh and his wazir vizierthe army proclaimed the 5-year-old Duleep Singh as sovereign. However, the Sikh commanders were seething at what they saw as his treachery. She reached safely in the Nepalese territory on 27 April. In he wrote to the British Resident in Kathmandu, enclosing his letter in one from Sir John Login so that it would not be intercepted or dismissed as a forgery.

She was renowned for her beauty, energy and strength of purpose and was popularly known as Rani Jindanbut her fame is derived chiefly from the fear she engendered in the Raani in India, who described her as “the Messalina of the Punjab”, a seductress too rebellious to be controlled.

Mai Bhago rami a devout warrior saint in the army of Sikhism’s 10th prophet, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in the s, who led men into battle. In the early days of Islam, Ayesha Aishah rano, the prophet Muhammed’s wife, rode ranii the head of an army against Khalif Ali, whom she felt was usurping her late husband’s authority.

But they were reunited years later, which prompted the Maharajah to convert back to Sikhismundoing the work of the British to “brainwash” him. She held court, transacted State business in public and reviewed and addressed the troops. Jindan was arni, cocky, clever, imperfect and tough, and she connected me to my ancestral past, something Nancy, Dana and Bruce could not. While in India Duleep Singh had negotiated the return of the Maharani’s jindaan, which had been kept in the treasury at Benares.

All of these individuals pushed against barriers into a world of possibility, something I rarely found in my culture. Being sadly disillusioned, the Rani ultimately thought to seeing her son Maharaj Dalip Singh, who was then staying in England as a Christian gentleman.

Rebel Queen – a thorn in the crown

These arrived at Lancaster Gate just before the Maharani returned Lady Login’s visit, and her delight was so great that “she forthwith decorated herself, and her attendants, with an assortment of the most wonderful necklaces and earrings, strings of lovely pearls and emeralds”to wear jindqn the visit. Please confirm you are using these images within the following terms and conditionsby acknowledging each of the following key points:. The chiefs of the Lahore Darbar were forbidden to see her. Maximum copies, or 5 years digital use.


Attempts were made to arrange a separate establishment for her on the estate, but she was determined not to be separated from her son. In Nepal, Rani Jindan, carried through her secret plans for the expulsion of the British from the Punjab. Rani Jindan Enlarge image.

Jind Kaur – Wikipedia

For Sikhs they shall always remember the Last Sikh Raj. However, in July he took the fort at Attock and declared himself to be the ruler of the Punjab. Jind Kaur’s wishes to be cremated in Lahore had been denied by British authorities. Viewing your results Presenting your results Narrowing your results Sorting your results Individual object records. She wrote a science-fiction story called Sultana’s Dream inabout a female utopia in Bangladesh where women dominate the public sphere.

Soon after her arrival, Lady Login visited with her three youngest children. However, shortly afterwards Duleep Singh commissioned Pundit Nehemiah Goreh to visit Kathmandu on his behalf and find out how his mother was managing. Museum object number Current location Clear form.

He has no uncle, senior or junior. Jiindan terms of the Treaty of Lahoresigned in Marchwere punitive but the seven-year-old Duleep Singh remained as Maharaja and Jind Kaur was to remain as regent.

India Sikhism Religion British identity and society features. Rani Jindan played a conspicuous role in the Punjab politics after her son’s elevation to the throne of Lahore kingdom. The Muslim ruler of neighbouring Afghanistan, Dost Mohammad Faniprotested that such treatment is objectionable to all creeds.

After the war the British rewarded the leaders who had helped them, including Tej Singh. A brand new residence, Charburja Durbarwas built in the Thapathali durbar complex and an allowance was set by the Nepali government.

But where were women like Jindan Kaur?