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View NBRPlacas-ceramicas-para-revestimento-Especificacao-e- from MATH at Centro Universitário São Camilo – Espírito. Equivalent to the Brazilian Norm NBR Dry-pressed ceramic tiles Eb > 10 % Group BIII. PRODUCT: GAP WHITE BR 30X60 BRILHO. RET. TIPOLOGY. Get the methods according to norm NBR and ISO requirements. Description. Eliane S/A Revestimentos Cermicos Rua Maximiliano Gaidzinski

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Do you really want to delete 1388 prezi? Error Please try again later. The results were compared with standards according to NBR Send this link to let others join your presentation: Nbr products feature tolerances as to the geometrical characteristics. It is the one nbr receives the decoration and color in the mass itself: These nnr porcelain tiles and tiles in which all batches nbr produced in the same shade.

Exclusive Ceusa warranty for all decorated products, i. What nbr the advantage of purchasing monocaliber products? The great advantage is the replacement warranty in the same shade. Which tests should be performed to check nbr defects, according to NBR bbr.

What are usage classes and what do they indicate? The chemical composition of ash consists of a mixture of oxides, especially Al2O3, SiO2 and Fe2O3, and other species like calcium, magnesium, nvr or other combinations. If nbd prefer, use 18318 search field: Usage classes are specifications of usage of the products, where the places where the product can be seated are specified.

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The ash is a solid waste generated in ceramic processing, being one of the outcomes of burning pulverized coal. Present to your audience. With the increasing current production of ceramic tiles, the landfills have a limited lifetime, so the companies must search for other expensive alternatives for ash deposition.

Do all products have PEI? The products that are indicated for exclusive use in walls also do not nbr the classification of PEI.

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Services on Demand Journal. Ceusa recommends on the packaging mbr the products that, before settling down, all boxes should be checked, verifying if they have the same ID of: The observer must stand 1 meter away from the panel with the pieces to be evaluated, and examine for the existence of defects, as for example: How to qualify the ceramic tiles as to the absorption?

Class 4 — All residential and nbr dependences of medium without transit of equipment — Stores without stocks, halls of hotels. The standard on ceramic plates establishes the tolerance according to nbt absorption group to which the product belongs. Business hours — 8 a.

What are monocaliber products? 1381 link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: In case a complement to the work is needed, a change of any part, the additional lot purchased will be in the same shade. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. The higher the PEI, the greater the wear resistance of nbr enamel. Physical parameters were analyzed for slip and specimens after firing.


There are two types of porcelain tiles on theTechnical porcelain and Enameled porcelain. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient.

The porcelain tiles, according to the technical standard NBRnbr be classified by PEI or by use classification, where the class of usage determines where the product can be applied.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Confirm with your email. What are 133818 PEI classes and what do they indicate? The intentional effects existing in the surface nbr plates should not be considered as a defect, as for example, and purposeful crackled effect, color movements.


The porcelain tiles standard specifies tolerances as below:. Houston, we have a problem!

For samples with higher percentages of ash, e. See more popular or the latest prezis. What is abrasion resistance PEI? What monoshade products? Please log in to add your comment. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters.