This book offers the first comprehensive introduction to one of the most significant Arab thinkers of the late 20th century and the early 21st century: the Moroccan. The Moroccan philosopher Mohammed Abed Al Jabri (27 Dec. – 03 May ) has marked contemporary Arab and Islamic thought with his voluminous. Islam, State, and Modernity: Mohammed Abed al-Jabri and the Future of the Arab World is the title of the new book edited by ARDD’s chairman of the board, Dr.

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Newest Most Read Most Comments. In the science of religious interpretation ulum al-bayanthe unknown is always classified below that of the already known.

Islam, State, and Modernity: Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri and the Future of the Arab World | ARDD

Islam, Muslims, and an Anthropologist. Here one finds the social explosiveness of his work.

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According to the Moroccan philosopher, it is precisely up to Arab intellectuals to play an active role in harmonisation between the mohaammed world and Islamic tradition.

Now at discount price Click on the picture to buy. Transgender mohammer Pakistan’s Hijra hold their heads high. Who is entitled to read women’s rights into the sacred texts? He appears regularly as a commentator on developments in the Muslim world in the international media. It will introduce pioneering thinkers, public intellectuals, academics and their ideas. Al-Jabri criticises these three types of understanding as posing the greatest xbed towards innovative and modern thinking, as a prescribed pattern for interpreting the past can also have consequences for the politics of today.

The Reformist Islamic Thinker Muhammad Shahrur In the Footsteps of Averroes Muhammad Shahrur’s work is a comprehensive attempt to wbed the religion of Islam with modern philosophy as well as the rational worldview of the natural sciences.


In he co-authored two textbooks on Islamic thought and on philosophy, designed for the final year of high schools. To view the bios for Keynote Speakers, please click here.

Rendaan – contemporary poetry from Iran. Comments submitted by readers using fantasy names or intentionally false names will not be published. Conference on Freedom and Democracy: European Perceptions, European Perspectives. He also argues against the polemic that the individual striving for reason, protest, and criticism are “imported drugs from the West” and will only weaken the Muslim world. Marina Mahathir’s Blog Malaysia. His work revolves around the issue of how knowledge is produced.

According to Shahrur, jurisprudence in the name of God is a farce benefiting only those wanting to maintain political power. Although there is at present a considerable interest in things Islamic outside the Muslim world, as a result of a series of deplorable events and developments, media coverage — and much scholarship too — is predominantly geared towards radical and extremist exponents of political Islam.

Islam, State, and Modernity: Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri and the Future of the Arab World

Archaeologies of Memory and Doing Politics Mohamed Abed Al-Jabri, a world famous Moroccan philosopher who died recentlyis the author of many philosophical and historical-philosophical books of great interest of which sadly only a few have been published in English.

Consequently, these intellectuals have often difficulties in finding a forum to expound their ideas, or face severe criticism and even outright oppression and persecution. Sudanese Thinker Amir Ahmad Nasr.

In fact, this can be observed everywhere. To view the event’s advertisment, please click here.

Mohammed Abed Al Jabri and the Future of the Arab World: Islam, State and Modernity

His Autobiographies are a further testimony to his political-intellectual engagement: His approach has great impact on the study of Arab-Islamic traditions. This has led al-Jabri to investigate the grammar of the Arabic language, as well as Muslim law, theology, mysticism, rhetoric, and philosophy. Arabic Literature in English. It is to them that he addressed much of his work, above all in a book dated in which he studies two cases of intellectual persecution that took place in the 9th and 12th centuries — involving the leading scholar Ibn Hanbal and then Averroes — inviting contemporary intellectuals to assume a progressive attitude and begging them not to follow examples involving connivance with power, which according to him is a sin all too often committed in the Arab-Muslim intellectual world in past centuries.


Egypt’s Sisi orders review of law curbing NGOs. According to al-Jabri, these fields all exhibit the same structures of knowledge production. He also rejects any tradition that only requires its adherents to learn by rote in order attain its mastery. Al-Jabri rallies against a tradition that only believes in the repetition of history.

Portrait of the Philosopher Mohammed Abed al-Jabri: Critique of Arab Reason –

Skip to main content. Islam, State and Modernity. What kind of technical or social innovations are allowed and with what justification? Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans. Middle East at King’s. Muhammadiyah Studies Najib Burhani. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This applies in particular to defamatory, racist, personal, or irrelevant comments or moyammed written in dialects or languages other than English.