Sleeping With The Wolf After The Crash 1. FREE at Amazon! Alpha wolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. Losing her is unacceptable. He wins the Bride Fight. Sleeping With the Wolf – After the Crash #1. Maddy Barone. Publisher: Maddy Barone. 0; 3; 0. Summary. When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in . Read “Sleeping With the Wolf After the Crash, #1” by Maddy Barone with Rakuten Kobo. When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in.

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I liked both Carla and Taye and the story was interesting with good potential for the series.

Sleeping With the Wolf

Also two stars didn’t mean i hated this book so please don’t think that, it was an alright book and i would give it a 2. She reads at a nice quick pace, love that, but if you like it slower you can slow it down on Audible. The Arcadia Falls Chronicles: Do you enjoy YA Dystopia novels? Book added to the bookshelf Ok.

Love this debut novella about dystopian time travel and werewolves, sorry, men who transform into wolves, not werewolves. We discuss erotic reads of al A group for chatting about all types of erotica from the tame to madddy taboo. The Bride Fight is for only the strongest to earn a bride and let me tell you Carla has no idea what she is in for!!


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A world torn apart by the destruction of terrorist nuclear weapons destroying most major U. Audible AudioUnabridged4 pages.

But can he win her heart? Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash.

I want to read without limits! As well as Taye’s adjustment to having a strong independent woman who wasn’t raised in this new world order. Taye takes her home to their packhouse and barobe the way some men try to steal Carla which apparently isn’t an unusual thing to happen in this time.

It had a slightly cheesy ending but that’s all the bad there is.

Sleeping With the Wolf (After the Crash, #1) by Maddy Barone (5 star ratings)

I know these books are fantasy but come on. To be honest I couldn’t blame her Join up and discuss your favorite books! Fans and writers of all A mafdy community of aspiring writers, published authors, as well as hobbyists and avid readers within the romance genre. The Mayor organizes a “Bride Fight” in which 12 contestants compete to win a bride, and both Carla and Lisa are the prize.

Barone did a great job of world building.

So I can not complain that it is not unique and original I like the character Carla is very independent and even if she thinks that everything around her is crazy, so c 3. This is their story Love this debut novella about dystopian time travel and werewolves, sorry, men who transform into wolves, not werewolves.


Sleeping with the Wolf

Carla is a modern woman frombut her plane crashes inwhen women are decimated by a plague that came after nuclear war. Taye is a shapeshifting wolf and wins Lisa in witu Bride Fight.

She madcy to soften to Taye and he helps things along as he does things to take care of her and make her happy. In the aftermath of the crash, Carla and Lisa volunteer to find aid for the wounded survivors.

I’d recommend this book. And you are warm inside. Plenty of yummy details will get ya hot and bothered!! Some questions are left unanswered; maybe they will come in the next books.

In one part of the book Taye is trying to seduce Carla into ‘finally’ sleeping with him and has set out certain steps that have to be followed before this can happen, and is describing body parts as a steamy romance novel however not well written might. Wolf’s Oath After the Crash 3.