Unavailable for several years, Lost Christianity is a profound reexamination of the essence of Christian thought and faith. Philosopher and bestselling. A more recent book in the Gurdjieff tradition puts very clearly the implications of all this for Christianity. Lost Christianity by Jacob Needleman is. Needleman calls the element missing from Christianity (lost around the end of the Middle Ages, if not before) “”ontological love.”” This he.

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To experience love for God or my neighbor, even for an instant, is no less a christiianity than mystical experience. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of So if we take what Father Sylvan and Maurice Nicoll have said, we get an impression that what we think we know about Christianity could be only a very simplistic and superficial understanding, maybe even a grossly distorted understanding.

His writing style is cerebral, the vocabulary scholarly. I could almost FEEL the energetic, organic movement of inner spiritual experience and outer social action and caring along with the need for a deep quality of attention as I walk through life. Exploring the interior life, spirituality, and creativity. We need the intermediate level. Needleman calls the chgistianity missing from Christianity lost around the end of the Middle Ages, if not before “”ontological love.

Meanings are frequently obscure.


Lost Christianity : Jacob Needleman :

There are sort of cross-references to other spiritual traditions needoeman teachers such as Gurdjieff. Needleman first encounters HIM in a dorm room – lounging casually, sipping a can of beer and watching Sunday afternoon football on the tube.

Sylvan at an airport for a few hours and then never saw him again. Looking for beautiful books? Each one of Needleman’s “three Christians,” answers this question with a slightly different emphasis.

Lost Christiantiy by Jacob Needleman

Needlean is a brilliant analysis of what’s missing from modern Christianity: If he does not wish to do this he need not. Oct 25, David Guy rated it liked it.

Father Vincent is a Christian Master, who opens up to Needleman quite readily about his intensely mystical Inner Life. I only completed one third of the book therefore my I bought this book many years ago. And his inference is – if these radiant lives indicate a nascent pattern – any of us can get to know who WE really are. Where such capacity-building discipline is still found, however, is in the Eastern spiritual traditions where practitioners learn to diminish the ego, extinguishing the sense of self that makes loving thy neighbor so dang problematic.

Father Vincent smokes cigarettes and drinks beer, fairly copiously it seems.

Lost Christianity

There was a problem adding your email address. In the meantime I have read a lot of other books about religions and spirituality. In a certain sense, the problem of Christianity is not that something has been hidden, but that not enough has stayed hidden. The author received the monk’s journals, using them to explore the deeper levels of Christianity.



Sylvan that he wanted to be given to Mr. Vicent except that maybe Christianity was a constant search?

There is clearly something remote and mechanical about his movements. And our Hearts may be changed as a result! Some do just that.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Account Options Sign in. Jacob Needleman is a follower of Gurdjieff who was also a profes I had thought I would only reread the opening section of this book—Three Christians—because I love the portrait the author draws there of three unusual Christians and their transformative practices, but as Christainity finished that section I continued and reread the whole book.

Should they be helped or not?

The author, Jacob Needleman, is an esteemed academic specializing in philosophy and spiritual psychology. Bert Camembert rated it liked it Aug 29, Philosopher and bestselling author Jacob Needleman has sought out the ancient texts and modern practitioners of essential Christianity, whose message speaks directly to contemporary seekers.

One day, a package arrived for him and it was the notes of Fr. An exploration of inner or esoteric Christianity by an academic largerly through anecdote.