Preparando una clase sobre España después de Franco, he leído este libro de Javier Cercas. El título del libro despista porque más bien debería llamarse. «Este libro es un ensayo en forma de crónica o una crónica en forma de ensayo. Este libro no es una ficción. Este libro es la anatomía de un instante: el instante. Anatomy of a Moment (Anatomía de un instante)’ by Javier Cercas The ‘ moment’ of the book is when Lieutenant Colonel Tejero and his.

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All Souls 2 by Deborah Harkness Paperback, 8. Una buena temporada Las leyes de la frontera Esta relativa cercss de capital cultural —o, mejor dicho, la conciencia de su carencia— la incorpora Cercas indirectamente en sus libros. Notify me of new comments via email. Adolfo Suarez the then outgoing prime minister, who had steered the country away from the Franco era, Guttierez Mellado, a conservative general who had loyally served democracy, and Santiago Carillo, the head of the Communist Party, which had just been legalised.

Who kills the Slave in The Time of the Hero?

Javier Cercas: Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells

The blind spot is an area of shadow, a territory of delicate but unequivocal delimitation: Then he moves on to consider the actual meaning of the novel, the uncertain and discredited role of the writer as intellectual, and the role of the reader in the creation of a form whose aim is to tell the truth by telling lies.


First, he defines and nu certain aspects of the novel in the twenty-first century which are also features of Cervantes’ masterpiece: A Barcelona man in his 90s who claimed to be a Nazi concentration camp survivor. Lo que se plantea Cercas en esta novela es una pregunta moral y un reto narrativo.

Boxed Set by J. Only three men defied the order. For thirty-five minutes, as the cameras rolled, they stayed in their seats. Vintage Paperback Paperback Books for Children. Twisting together his own regrets with those of America, Cercas weaves the profound and personal story of a ghostly past.

Suddenly, impossibly, the novelist finds that Rodney’s fate and his own are linked, and the story spirals towards its fascinating, surreal conclusion.

In he published Soldados de Salamina. Publication Data Country of Publication.

The Anatomy of a Moment

No ratings jwvier reviews yet. Vintage Paperback Paperback Books. You may also like. The result is a novel that is simultaneously recognisable and new, where the wisdom and effectiveness of the mature author enhance the freshness and humour of the young writer. El impostor Is it possible, he wonders, that even with the evasions and lies, Marco might tell us something truthful about the experience of fascism?

This site uses cookies. Zarco and Tere take over his pinball machine and his life. Vintage Paperback Paperback Art Books. Both convincing and compelling.

Ahora bien, en este sentido, El monarca de las sombras marca una ruptura.

crcas But the work, when there was any, was poorly paid and the housing squalid. El planteamiento no le funciona del todo. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell Paperback, Soldiers of Salamis had been at the top of the bestseller lists for several months and was in the process of accumulating national and international recognitions.


Javier Cercas

Clic para cancelar respuesta. Many years pass with these questions unanswered; the two friends drift apart. Relatos reales La velocidad de la luz What started as a novel set in the time period became an expertly studied piece of non-fiction, complete with photos, capable of explaining what really instanhe in Claudius Wiedemann, Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung “With that other life he invented, the protagonist wanted to be loved, and may now have achieved part instant that late reward.

Anatomy tells the story of these three men, who become the main characters. In FebruarySpain was still emerging from Franco’s shadow, holding a democratic vote for the new prime minister. To accompany the photos, they thought it would be interesting to add conversations between the writer and the director. Be the first in write a review. The pieces of this miscellanea are grouped into four parts: You are commenting using your WordPress.