Escrito y Dirigido por/Written and Directed by Arístides Vargas La Razón Blindada será presentada sin intermedio y dura 80 minutos. La Razón Blindada runs. La Razón Blindada is a feast for eye, ear and intellect, though far from the brain of Argentine playwright Arístides Vargas, who also directs. Theatre Review: La Razón Blindada. La Razón Blindada, Teatro Malayerba- Arístides Vargas & Gerson Guerra © Alex. Back to Post. You must be logged in.

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La Razon Blindada (The Armored Reason) | L.A. Weekly

A la hora de la tundra Cuentos Postales. Instrucciones para abrazar al aire — Teatro Malayerba.

Public Interventions — Yuyachkani: Requests to purchase or for permission to use the work should be directed to the owner. This Week Meet an Artist Monday: Works — Latina Theatre Lab: No Thanks Sign Up. Works — Liliana Felipe: Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, aeistides, news and more.

El exilio es un castigo para siempre. The group also runs a theater house, the Casa Malayerba, which houses the Laboratory as blindad as a theater with seating capacity for seventy people. Interviews — Susana Cook: Presentations — Mujeres Creando Comunidad: Works — Javier Cardona: Works — La Candelaria: Interviews — Franklin Furnace: Texts by the Artist — Susana Ls No matter how daft he appears, how many realms of fantasy he indulges in, some part of his Panza stays aware of the prison walls that surround him.


In working together, actors with various backgrounds and nationalities have shown that a multicultural blend is not only possible but also enriching, as differences blindadz to new identities, embodiments of dreams, memories, absences and pains that are at once local and universal.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Public Interventions — Pocha Nostra: Puede ser tan monstruoso asesinar, o ser asesinado, como callar o no darte cuenta de lo que pasa alrededor.

Works — Dancing Earth: Works — Susana Cook: In this way, they blindara reinvent Don Quixote, the knight-errant who constantly takes windmills for giants, withered women for maidens, and prisons for paradises, a character who exiles himself in insanity, that strange state of harmless straggle, an oblique strategy for survival.

Gazon by the Artist — Mapa Teatro: From the start, Malayerba included actors with various backgrounds and nationalities, invested in the exploration of the rich cultural diversity and complex history of Ecuador, as well as issues of migration, exile, political violence and individual and collective memory.

Interviews — Latina Theatre Lab: Works — Vagas Teatro: They may not be copied, downloaded, or reproduced. What was the reason for choosing these plays, at first as material for work and secondly for it to be presented in Europe?


La Tundra Revista | Arístides Vargas: El exilio es un castigo para siempre

Works — Catalinas Sur: Resources — Latina Theater Lab: Texts by the Artist — Pocha Nostra: Works — Split Britches: Works — El Teatro Campesino: Tu blibdada fue recibida. Interviews Catalinas Sur — Catalinas Sur: Later, intoxicated by their fantasies, they bolt and spin across the proscenium like maddened clowns all the while remaining seated in their chairs, which are equipped with mobile wheels.

I move away from all of that, the only thing that matters to me is the unforgettable pain it causes me. In Malayerba launched the theater journal ‘Hoja de Teatro,’ conceived as a forum for the theorization, criticism and dissemination of Ecuadorian theater practices. Interviews — Jesusa Rodriguez: Resources — Complete list of Works in Franklin Furnace.

Resources — Danny Hoch: Presentations Split Britches — Split Britches: