Lectures on Calvinism [Abraham Kuyper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive. Lectures on Calvinism. Abraham Kuyper. PAPERBACK; Published: 10/4/ ISBN: Price: $ Pages. Trim Size, in inches: X . Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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Christianity is to be doctrinal first before it is mystical and practical, in his words, “Mysticism is sweet, and Christian works are precious, but the seed of the Church, both at the birth of Christianity and in the age of the Reformation, has been the blood of the martyrs; and our sainted martyrs shed their blood not for mysticism and not for philanthropic projects, but for the sake of convictions such as concerned the acceptance of truth and the rejection of error Ultimately, this book is what actually lead me to abandon “reformed theology”.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures

This is its dogma of God’s sovereignty. In that sphere therefore an independent calvihism to God is to be maintained The sphere of the State is not profane. In a Calvinistic sense we understand hereby, that the family, the business, science, art and so forth are all social spheres, which do not owe their existence to the state, and which do not derive the law of their life from the superiority of the state, but obey a high authority within their own bosom; an authority which rules, by the grace of God, just as the sovereignty of the State does.

It is a complete system czlvinism gives order and structure to the world based on the Bible and its teaching.

Sin has, in the realm of politics, broken down the direct government of God, and therefore the exercise of authority for the purpose of government, has subsequently been invested in men, as a mechanical remedy. From the original existence of one man and one woman monogamy comes forth. A stick placed beside falvinism plant to hold it up, since without it, by reason of its inherent weakness.

Dec 28, Ryan Watkins rated it really liked it Shelves: And this not as was done in the French Revolution, by setting God aside and by placing man on the throne of God’s Omnipotence; but on the lecturfs, by causing all men, the magistrates included, to bow lecture deepest humility before the majesty of God Almighty. But this can in no regard break the fundamental rule that the government must honor the complex of Christian churches as the multiform manifestation of the Church of Christ on earth.

Kuyper’s cosmic focus on the restoration of all lecturew in Jesus helps detract from the caricatured Calvinism of individualistic soteriological narrowness and dualism. Dec 08, Rick Sam rated it it was amazing Shelves: For in this very desire consisted the contumacy of the building of Babel’s tower.


Lectures on Calvinism – Abraham Kuyper : Eerdmans

And for this reason the Calvinists have ever resisted the idea to assign to the government a patria potestas. That which exists is good, because it exists; and it is no longer the will of God, of Him Who created us and knows us, but it becomes the ever-changing will of the State, which, having no one above itself, actually becomes God, and has to decide how our life and our existence shall be. The lower a people stands in the scale of development, the less difference of opinion is revealed.

Mignonne, allons voir si la rose Verlaine: And thus the struggle for liberty is not only declared permissible, but is made a duty for each individual in his own sphere. De eerste lezing gaat over het Calvinisme in de historie. This question is unintelligble for those who refuse to view time in the light of eternity, and who are accustomed to think of this earth without organic and moral connection with the life to come.

This organism must of necessity have its organic members. When therefore humanity falls apart through sin, in a multiplicity of separate peoples; when sin, in the bosom of these nations, separates men and tears them apart, and when sin reveals itself in all manner of shame and unrighteousness -the glory of God demands that these horrors be bridled, that order return to this chaos, and that a compulsory force, from without, assert itself to make human society a possibility.

When this conception of the relationship between God and the individual is extrapolated out through society each aspect of society is liberated from the dominion of both the church and the state and allowed to stand on its own two feet, accountable to God alone.

For had sin not entered, God would have remained the sole king of all men, and this condition will return, in the glory to come, when God once more will be all and in all.

My one critique is that he goes too far in crediting Calvinism with ideas that were more broadly Protestant i. God’s own direct government is absolutely monarchial; no monotheist will deny it.

But he is more. God only-and never any creature-is possessed of sovereign rights, in the destiny of the nations, because God alone created.

And so also finally it may be remarked that the social life of cities and villages forms a sphere of existence, which arises from the very necessities of life, and which therefore must be autonomous.

The religious momentum of Calvinism has placed also beneath political Society a fundamental conception, all its own, just because it not merely pruned the branches and cleaned the stem, but reached down to the very root of our human life. This made my study much more frustrating and much less enjoyable.

He is not a racist, but has his own odd Darwinian ideas about progress via “the mingling of blood”.


The Stone Lectures on Calvinism

There the Jews were hospitably received; there the Lutherans were in honor there the Mennonites flourished; and even the Arminians and Roman Catholics. Must there stand a church. Princeton walked back the award after an outcry regarding Keller’s position on homosexuality and calvinisn ordination of women.

We see therefore that nearly all nations begin with unity of calcinism. This gives Man an authority and his role in the world. To defend individuals and the weak ones, in those spheres, against the abuse of power of the rest; and 3.

Lectures on Calvinism

This concept is extremely helpful in understanding how the Christian worldview applies to every aspect of life which is applicable to every Christian’s daily life.

Feb 22, Andrew Mcneill rated it it was ok. No man has the right to rule over another man, otherwise such a right necessarily, and immediately becomes the right of the strongest.

Good stuff, as I expected. I was amazed by how many points Kuyper raises that I thought were more recent ideas. Jan 24, Andrew Harrison rated it did not like it.

Apr 20, Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: Preview — Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper. But on the other hand it must be admitted that Calvinism, by praising aloud liberty of conscience, has in principle abandoned every absolute characteristic of the visible Church.

He argues that too much focus is often put on the soul and not on the glory of God and his creation: Christ himself does not speak only of the regeneration of the heart, but also of creation as a whole. Eerst begint hij argumenten waarom het calvinisme niet tot kunst zou hebben geleid te ontkrachten. True, sin here also has exerted its disturbing influence and has distorted much which was intended for a blessing into a curse.

But with equal decision, Calvin asserts that God has the sovereign power, in the way of His dispensing Providence, to take from a people this most desirable condition, or never to bestow it at all.

I am no longer afraid of being called a Calvinist! The duty of the government to extirpate every form of false religion and idolatry was not a find of Calvinism, but dates from Constantine the Great, and was the reaction against the horrible persecutions which his pagan predecessors on the imperial throne had inflicted upon the sect of the Nazarene. Secondly In religion there must be no intermediation of any creature between God and the soul; — all religion is the immediate work of God Himself, in the inner heart.