Erken Türkler içinde ETRÜSKLER çok önemli bir yer tutar. Erken Türk tarihi konusunda yaptığı araştırmalarla tanıdığımız Sayın Kâzım MİRŞAN. Kazım MirşAn. 49 likes. Book. Kazım MirşAn. Privacy · Terms. About. Kazım MirşAn. Book. 49 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. 0 references. country of citizenship · Turkey. 0 references. name in native language. Kazım Mirşan (Turkish). 0 references. date of birth. 4 July Gregorian.

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For the Issyk Alphabet table by Dr.

rob , Türklerin Kaybolan Ataları , Kazım Mirşan ,

To say kazom everything is clear, it is absolutely not. Thank you very mach, and excuse if I hurt some religious feeling.

In kazzim tomb were found a body of a man dressed from head to toe in magnificent attire with his clothes, jacket, pants, socks, and boots all made of attached pieces of pure gold, amounting to 4, in numbers, greatest ever found in a tomb excepting that of Pharaoh Tutankhamon. I would like to know your opinion mean to all, not just to Norm.

Reportedly untranslatable 14 Chudinov Cyrillic? Word would carry voice and glory of praising the Eren to the heavens i.

Watch online movie sites Kazim Mirsan ve Erken Turk Tarihi Turkey [hddvd] [iTunes] (2011)

Wed 31 May For a complete analysis of inscription by Prof. No Author Language Pos. Motilal Banarsidass, Rjabchikov, Sergei V.

Some decoders, like A. The various interpretations of the graphics and contents of the inscription witness the paucity of the finds and the potential for the studies.

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Sak Sakaswear by the name of your people! Stay healthy 21 Suleimenov T. Others – Not available. Chudinov’s idea allows almost unlimited flexibility of reading in any desired language. Do you want to tell about yourself? The vessel should hold wine of grapes, added cooked food, so much, to the mortal, then added cooked fresh butter on. Gandaburov, skip on transliteration and go directly to the reading.


Things are boiling like in a communal kitchen where from one common bag of potatoes every one is cooking his individual dish from a list of tasty potato meals. You may note that googling Kazim Mirsan brings a good harvest of returns, but only 2 of them are in English, no wonder that his works are practically unknown outside of Turkey.

Mark it below optional. From the Mesopotamian, Chinese, and Greek texts, from the archeological discoveries of the kurgans, from the written monuments, we get a glimpse of the nomadic nations of the Central Asia in the 5-th c. Warriors of the two heroes of mjrsan thirty-two clans on six ash stay in hundred banners. Sak Sakaimbibe your oath in the name of the people! kazjm

Codex of Inscriptions – Issyk Inscription – Turkic World

Kazmi 13 Jul Fri 2 Jun History of Civilization of Central Asia. At a glance Summary Table Anybody’s missing? Him whose majesty you are praising is an arrow which became of the cosmos. Farewell, tigrahauda, eat this oil, now hunger 18 Kotova IE?

Tue 4 Apr What was the world in the 5-th century BC?

Dear Wed 1 Feb anonimous, if the attribution of the Alans to the larger IRANIAN mirwan for you is a matter of faith, please disregard any facts you may face, including those found in the Mirsa pages. In memory of Koch white house Ugushgu for Oguz chieftain lit.


One whose Majesty you praise became an arrow belonging to the cosmos He is Zeus ascending to the leadership like winning a race, to achieve cosmic seat is the appellation of adopted name.

Three hundred mourners oath drink give an oath. It seems that should we give a linguist an inscription in any enigmatic script, kaxim would be read in all languages dear the hearts of the linguists.

His tall cone-shaped crowning hat extending down to his ears and neck contained golden arrows on top. Artik ingilizce yazismaya gerekmiyor. There are three thousand one hundred thirty-one of them. God is grieving and misses the dead Aksahane 19 Kuznetsov Russian?

Bekzhanubiri, transliterate the inscription, leaving to others to make a sense of it. Klyashtorny, recognize that in a hard disbelief, and then link the script with the ethereal Iranian tribes of Central Asia. Mon 13 Feb Some other crusades extend from ridiculous to unethical. Be a worthy ruler. The solemn word is ascending the voice of praise and Eren’s glory to the heaven. Didn’t you think that our conversion from Tengrianism to Islam or other foreign to us religion in some way caused to our sank.

Wed 8 Mar Your message will appear upon administrator’s approval. Honestly hold high the banner of a father. Please fill the form to post your message. Mon 3 Apr AD based on dogmatic beliefs and other methods of scientific prudence. Dear Burc, references to Kazim Mirsan on our site you can find at these links: