In this three-part series, the articles describe new features available in the Java Portlet Specification (JSR ) and extensions supported by OpenPortal. 12 Oct Portlet Tutorial, Java Portlet, Portlet Example, Java Portlet Tutorial, What is JSR has introduced the using of annotations for controlling. 1 Aug To overcome these problems, JSR (Java Specification Request) , the Portlet Specification, was started to provide interoperability between.

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Normal A portlet shares this page with other portlets. Inversion of control explained clearly and quickly Spring MVC tutorial: Some of the salacious things we can find out about the user through the PortletRequest object include:. When coding the doView method of a Portlet, be aware of two potential exceptions that might be thrown.

When a portlet renders itself, the content it generates only constitutes a portion of the total content delivered to the end user. Search SAP Developers may not be ready for the SAP intelligent enterprise In this podcast, learn how SAP pushes its message about building the intelligent enterprise, and find out why developers are not You know you want to scale with a model-driven process.

It is split in different pieces. The EDIT button only appears with logged-in users, which is not the case in the screenshot. So how do you make it work? So far, we have established that a portlet application is packaged within a WAR file, and a WAR file, at the bare minimum, contains compiled Java code, along with a web. Maximized A portlet may be the only portlet displayed on this page. IOT technology adoption is growing as it becomes more feasible and delivers useful data.

We pass the parameter to the render phase, using valid XML: All of the other exceptions defined in the portlet API use the PortletException as their parent class, including:. Minimized A portlet may show very little information, or none at all.

Web app development morphs as apps and websites merge The ttutorial between web and mobile app and websites are blurring, jssr development silos are out, and boning up on building There is a significant amount of metadata that can be configured in the deployment descriptor, and in this case, we have added a short-title and keywords.


Effective portlet development means respecting the servlet API. Note the folder locations of the compiled Java class, and the deployment descriptors. Glint acquisition ties into LinkedIn recruiting Find out how LinkedIn may use the engagement platform Glint; a fix is developed for the uttorial problems created by Google for Okay, maybe the PortletRequest can’t tell you the color of the shirt your user is wearing, but it can tell you practically anything else.

The job of a portlet is to simply render a snippet of markup language that will be displayed in a predefined segment of the overall portal page.

That’s all a WAR file is. Furthermore, the portlet deployment descriptor will maintain a definition for each gutorial contained within the given WAR file, with the definition including, at a minimum, a reference to the underlying Java class, the markup language and modes the portlet supports, and a title to be displayed above the portlet when it is rendered by the portal server. The tutorials contained in this chapter are targeted toward portlet developers.

Of course, with Java being Java, we can’t call a zip file a zip file — everything in the Java world has to have jwr cute and cuddly name, and nothing exemplifies the ideas of cute and cuddly like a good, wholesome WAR. This parameter defines which page to display on the ‘help’ mode.

More than one portlet application may be defined in this file:. Login Forgot your password? Portlets are not Web services. Of course, you don’t have to limit your portlets to simple request-response handling. This class is part of the JBoss Portlet Bridge This is a mandatory parameter to define what’s the default page to display. If the compile is successfully packaged the result will be available in: DevOps means velocity, though, not at security’s expense.

Login Forgot your password? This is the mandatory descriptor for web applications.

BetterUp, a startup that is getting investment from Workday, offers a video-based training platform. That describes what a portlet is.

JSR-286 development tutorial: Mastering request-response programming

The portion of content a portlet generates gutorial rendering is typically referred to as a fragment. In the example above the title would be Simplest Hello World Portlet. TheServerSide will continue to provide enterprise Java professionals with helpful guides and tutorials that provide insight, training and expert advice to the community. The generic portlet that is inherited dispatches the different views to the methods: While the PortletRequest is used to discover information about the incoming request, the PortletResponse, or more accurately for methods used during the rendering phase of a portlet, the RenderResponse object, is typically used to send something back, or do something to, the client.


This entry attempts to obtain the value of the render parameter named yourname. IOT technology adoption is growing as it becomes more feasible and delivers useful data.

JSR development tutorial: Mastering request-response programming

An action phase is a phase where some state changes. We implement some logic and eventually send some output to the client. Sure, a user can be as simple as a Web page, or as voluptuous as a handheld multimedia device, but that’s all that a portlet really does — it simply delivers content to an end user. The path to the global portlet. This does not have to be declared as all portlets must support the view portlet mode.

JSR Portlet Development Tutorial and Technology Guide

Tutoria, tutorials and tips are designed to help any software developer who is looking to develop JSR programming skills to become quickly adept at both basic and advanced portlet programming topics, empowering the developer to quickly create portlet-based software that can be effectively deployed to any of the standards-based portal servers on the market today. The Portlet interface and the methods it defines. The GenericPortlet render implementation calls our implementation when the view mode is requested.

Create a new portal page and add the portlet to it. This ensures that the portlet will render well within the theme and across portal vendors. So, you want to develop portlets, eh?