December 4, 2018

reduce pdf size with iText. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. iText Shrinking the Content – Learn iText in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Creating a PDF. 6 Jul iText compression modes. I’m using iText in my application with very good results . However the people looking at the resulting PDFs are.

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iText – iText compression modes

You are looking on the wrong place. How do you compress a PDF that contains images?

Contrary to what many managers may think, the PDF creation process doesn’t add information “gee, we just multiplied the file size by 10, look at all that new information and knowledge we generated” and it may in fact be that the best compression is simply to save all the input data although others have pointed out that this input data may be quite covert and difficult to find if you want pixel level reproducibility. Encrypting a PDF document iText 5.

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java – Can we compress PDF file size using iText? – Stack Overflow

Get more from your inbox. The next example uses different techniques to change the compression settings of a newly created PDF document. Bruno Lowagie iText wrote.


One of the constructors of this class accepts an object of the class PdfDocument. I have included the property: It is called this becuase it is intended to be a portable format for use on the web. Or you want to enforce access permissions to the people who download the PDF; for instance, they can view it, but they are not allowed to print it. How much does that matter for your customer? This would presumably be the best non-lossy comprfss as it “knows the data” and isn’t just empirically trying to find statistical patterns- for example, if you tried to use winzip on a pdf file.

This can be built into your code but YOU need to code it to use these products. PDF and compression iText 5. I’ve looked at the PDF reference, and I’m mystified.

In smart mode when resources such as fonts, images, It would be ihext to set the compression level: Decompressing can be done exactly the same way by setting the compression level to zero, or by using the following code. I am using iText to read and manipulating PDF files reports.

Your images are unlikely to compress better once they are mangled into a PDF file but an image compression algorigthm for your source images and text compression for your text and font compression for your non-redundant fonts would be a better way to go. Values between -1 and 9 are valid. Sets the encryption options for the document.


Hi, I’m fairly new to JasperReports so I apologize now. The ittext thing is that I’ve compared the PDFs I’m creating with equivalent ones from their old application, and they are almost always smaller – sometimes spectacularly so.

This activates debug mode with pdfDebug tool.

PDF and compression (iText 5)

This can be handy when you need to debug copmress PDF document. In reply to this post by scriptoid. One option in listing Use this for debugging purposes only! For a reference compare the file size of a pdf and a postScript rendition of the same file, the pdf will be smaller.

On leaving the GSi this email was certified virus free. Bruno Lowagie iText wrote: They have obviously latched onto the fact that iText only uses flate compression; what they are saying is that the PDF library conpress use allows them to use “zlib” compression and also to set the level of compression to use.

Speed compiling, find bugs proactively, and fine-tune applications for parallel itdxt. I’m currently using iReports 5. I’m using iText in my application with very good results.