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One of the classic collections of Orthodox spiritual writings, the Evergetinos is a source of inspiration, spiritual guidance, and insight into the lives of men and. Evergetinos: Sayings of the Desert Fathers (4 Volume Set – Orthodox) [Hrmk Patapios] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Classic set used. 24 Apr The Evergetinos: Volume 1 $ The Evergetinos: Volume 2 $ The Evergetinos: Volume 3 $ The Evergetinos: Volume 4 $

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Therefore, Moses was unable to get even with the shepherd, as he had planned. Finally, after praying, one of the Elders, who appears to have been more virtuous and insightful than the others, received the following revelation from God: Along with Esteban, thank you for taking the trouble to list the Hypotheses.

The Evergetinos: A Complete Text, Book I

Hypothesis XXXVIII That he who has love and humility in the Lord strives not to grieve his neighbor, but serves him in every way, considering his needs and difficulties as his own.

A denier of God evergetinod not just one who rejects Him in word and deed, but anyone who commits sinful acts, even if, with his words, he seems to everyetinos faith in God. Indeed what fear and terror and what need the soul experiences when it departs from the body or, afterwards, when it has been completely separated from it. He was so unfortunate that he was not even allowed in his torments to be buried like other people. However, such was his agitation that he forgot to eat, and he passed the rest of the day and the whole night groaning and praying.

Now, therefore, I ask evergettinos you fervently pray to God that He will forgive me of my sins. Share your thoughts with other customers. When he was dismissed, Moses became a thief; evergetinod, because of his exceptional strength, he became the leader of other thieves. Hypothesis XVIII Concerning patience amid illnesses and the benefit to be derived therefrom, and that God brings providential chastisements upon certain virtuous persons for their perfect purification.

For example, let us recall that Raab evvergetinos a prostitute, but was saved through her faith; St. Among other things, we must emphasize that our Lord is merciful and evergetinoe and that he annuls his righteous judgments against wrong-doers, as long as they surely repent. No sooner had the flames of the fire only slightly touched my hand, than I felt great pain and began to cry in moans. Hypothesis XXXIV How we should withstand temptations; that we should not expose ourselves to them; those circumstances in which we should avoid or endure a temptation.


And a third brother asked Abba Poimen: Hypothesis IV That the Christian should take his every thought into evergetihos and offer it to Christ; for spiritual people, and certain lay people, draw positive lessons even from most disgraceful circumstances.

VOLUME 4 Hypothesis I That a monastic has vowed to live in poverty; what the sign is of one not wishing material goods; and how the Fathers succeeded in living in poverty.

How is it that in these recent years so much has been revealed about the soul which earlier escaped our attention? Let us despise the cares of the world and its honors, that we might be saved from its bewitching evil, when it shall come to meet us. A certain Paul founded the monastery at his country estate, not far from Constantinople, inbefore dying in Oxford Dictionary of Byzantiums.

He warred with great firmness against the demons and was distinguished in all the arenas of ascetic endurance, such that he was quickly ranked among the older and perfected Fathers, being ordained a Presbyter and enriched by the greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit. Do you not agree? Since my mother had died and I had passed the age of childhood, the flames of youth being kindled and tempting me, one evening the thought came to me: And all of you who are partakers of the heavenly Orthodox calling, who, looking to God alone, desire to adorn your souls with every kind of virtue: Hypothesis XLI That for those who are not prepared, it is perilous to live alone.

He would stretch out his hand and some of these he prevented from flying, while others succeeded in passing by and flying higher, continuing on their path without obstruction.

How, then, can you claim that she repented? Though the demons accused Anthony, they could not prove their accusations; so his path remained free of impediments. And outside the furnace a number of ghastly and frightening individuals gazed on the sight. When our holy Father Evthymios reposed and his body, much tormented by ascetic exercises, was, with the chanting of the appointed hymns, placed in his richly decorated tomb, Dometianos, the disciple of this Father, a true disciple indeed, who had imitated the life of St.

A brother asked Abba Poimen: Hypothesis XI That for a faithful Christian it is hazardous to transgress even a single commandment, since he has received from God the ability to fulfill them all; and that a small evil is very harmful.


But rather, she gave no heed to her body and did not complain about the pain and wounds inflicted by the journey.

Excerpts from the Evergetinos

It is impossible for anyone to express in words or to conceive in his mind the fear that overtakes the soul up to the moment that the decision of the Judge is given and it is released from those who hold it. In the Liturgy, heavenly and earthly things are united. Hypothesis III That one should not be idle, but undertake physical labor, too; and that idleness is the cause of many ills.

Hypothesis IV That the afflicted should be guided slowly in the works of repentance. When he was well, he dedicated himself to tilling the land, thereby occupying himself and bringing to our home the produce which he cultivated.

How one discerns whether a vision proceeds from the demons or from the Angels; for demons frequently create illusions, in order to lead the simple-minded astray and to bring a false consolation to the soul. In all that we accomplish, nothing is equal to that joy and glory.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

The Evergetinos – biblicalia

O my Master, cleanse my person once more, that I may gaze upon Thine Icon and see Thy holy form and the sight of Thy face, brighter than the sun, that my heart might be sweetened and thankful. In this city, there lives a certain man who is known to all; three years ago, this man had a son who, if I recall, would then have been about five years old, for whom he had such human love that he did not even try to discipline him. The fact that all of the chosen who are distributed among the different mansions receive only one coin shows that there is but one blessedness, enjoyed by all of those who are saved; the amount returned to each of the elect, however, differs according to the various works of virtue that they performed.