Electrolux WH 25lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor. SKU: WH. Extremely Low water Consumption; Compass control Features AWS-Automatic Weighing. WH – (11kg) Washer Extractor available to rent or buy from Acer Equipment, suppliers of commercial laundry equipment. Electrolux WH washing machine front loading Suspended frame l G-factor front loaded washer extractor with programmable Clarus .

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The front cover is located directly above the drain, while the other is in front of the element retainer. This sale is not classed as a consumer sale within the meaning of the Supply of Goods Implied Terms Act Venue Address Hangar 1.

The lots are not sold by sample, but if a sample shall be displayed, it shall be upon the understanding that this contract shall contain no implied condition or warranty as to quantity or otherwise or that the lots are free from any defect rendering them unmerchantable. Vendors reserve the right to bid themselves or by agents and to alter, vary or withdraw any lots before or during the sale. It can, for example, be used to keep track of operating time since the last machine service.

Always lock the door first!

Skip to content WH WH. Economical With our high efficiency shirt finishers you will get high quality finished shirts.

WH | Electrolux Professional

This function will either: Title electroulx not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full. Payment must be made in full by 12 noon, Thursday 18 th June Successful Bidders for any such plant, machinery or equipment are hereby required to ensure that the use of any such plant and equipment at a place of work within the United Kingdom does not contravene such relevant Act or Regulation there-under applicable thereto.


Please enquire for your destination point requirements. This function is useful, for example, if you discover that you have started the wrong program.

Do you need support for this product? The actual net weight is shown in large digits on the display. Reset tare to zero Reset tare to zero If your attempt to clear the tare parameter fails at this point, you will see an error message equivalent to: By making a bid for any lot, the person making the bid warrants that he has read, makes his bid upon and agrees to be bound by these conditions, and further warrants that he has due authority and capacity to make the bid and binds both himself and any employer or principal to honour any contract resulting there from.

If your value is not entered successfully at this point, you will see an error message equivalent to: You agree that full and final payment will be made immediately upon receipt of invoice and within the time period given.

Full details including an email address and credit or debit card electrolx must be provided in order to bid. Remove the four screws electgolux the scale unit cover. An MOT Certificate is not evidence of the road worthiness of any vehicle, and all vehicles or machinery are sold as seen, as they stand, with all their faults, the only description being as stated.


Each lot is bought and sold as elecctrolux no electgolux is offered or implied. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

If any independent contractors including hauliers are to be used, details of who they 4w105h and confirmation of their competence s must be give to the Auctioneers.

Electrolux – W4105H – (11kg) Washer Extractor

If the machine develops a fault, this must be reported to the person in charge as soon as possible. Please contact our Accounts Office on or or by email to accounts mstauctioneers. Using rapid advance to move forwards allows you to skip one or more program steps. The Electrolux WH front loading washing machine dlectrolux certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial laundry.

Two ways of pausing during a wash program There are two ways of pausing during a wash program: Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time. Select on the map your area and get in touch with one of our Sales Partners Where to buy Loading Registration for bidding is only via i-bidder.