28 Mar Easytrieve has 3 sections all together 1) Environment Section (Optional) The environment definition section establishes parameters for the. and IDCAMS · COBOL Programming [book] · Computer world (Dec ) on Easytrieve · DB2 SQL Tutorial [Mainframe Gurukul] · Easytrieve Reference guide . CA- Easytrieve Extended Reporting Facility Guide v view. * CA-Easytrieve CA- Easytrieve IMS/DLI Interface Option Guide view. * CA- Easytrieve SQL.

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It permits final screening and modification of report input data. We can just declare the fields we require and in the order we require. Used to READ a file sequentially. The proc is executed after each line is printed.

IS Indexed Sequential Access method.


Examination and manipulation of data. Prgname-1 is the name of the program.

Following statements define the content of the report and must be coded in the same order as shown below. Newer Post Older Post Home. Can be used to print Footnotes Default report heading for a field is the field name. This parameter can take the following values: To override the default input sasytrieve NULL should be coded in place of filename.


For descending order, you just put a D after the field name separated by a space. Will be executed at the end of each page.

CA-Easytrieve/Plus – Basics | F1 for Mainframe

What is the difference between transaction a Retrieval of input files. The main goal of a macro is to save you from duplicating your effort. Fields to be used within Report Section like page number etc. Post a Comment Note: The POS parameter enables you to position line items on lines 2 through It could be a file definition that you want to use in more than one program without typing it more than once, or it could be a piece of program logic or a report declaration that you use often in different programs.

Normally, Easytrieve automatically totals all quantitative fields. And if we have any input files to be used for processing, then we must mention those mainfrxme here. DEBUG and its subparameters control generation of certain system outputs.

When defining the field, you can specify the default heading. SORT activities create sequenced files. The below tutorial gives brief overview of Easytrieve. A report declaration consists of a series of statements that define the format and content of a report.



MOVE statement does not transfer the value in Numeric form ie. In above statement, just mentioning JOB is mandatory.

,ainframe Do I Use Evaluate? The LINE statement is the only report definition statement you are required to include in your report declaration. If we skip the report name, then the first report in the program will be executed. VS Virtual Storage Access method. An introduction to Easytrieve.

The proc is executed before each line is printed.

It describes data files and their associated fields and any working storage requirements of the program. The hyphen indicates that the statement continues with the first position.