January 10, 2019

from “Dukla”. Nonfiction by Andrzej Stasiuk. One Saturday the summer vacationers appeared. The village was slowly becoming a tourist spot. A few cabins, a. Andrzej Stasiuk is one of the most successful and internationally acclaimed contemporary Dukla marked Stasiuk’s breakthrough in Germany and helped him build his most appreciative readership outside Poland, although a number of his. 29 Aug Character is plot in this unusual collection (first published in Poland in ) from Stasiuk, the author of On the Road to Babadag. Beginning.

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I was staring at the indentation in the sand. The opening pages and chapters repeat this sort of problem. So now I’ve finished was wading through treacle worth it?

Reality is very messy for the narrator, which leads him to want to write about light, as he says elsewhere in the book: Shards and pebbles had been stuck in the crevices between the larger pieces as precisely as a mason would have done. That always seemed a waste of time to me, just like the stubborn search for the Unknown, when only ever ends up looking like an assemblage of old, familiar things in slightly souped-up form.


And in a post that’s mostly quotes, stasiukk easier to end with the book’s last words, for I couldn’t so well. One journey takes Stasiuk and companions over the border into Slovakia, increasing Dukla’s sense of place by widening context: I watched her climb higher and higher, her brown thighs moving beneath the parasol of her dress.

Dalkey Archive Press, The problem is that, in this translation at least, Stasiuk isn’t a good writer. The glistening red weights of her feet were rocking in an absolute vacuum.

Andrzej Stasiuk – Wikipedia

Nov 03, Summer rated it it was ok Shelves: Black ground beetles hid themselves in the cracks of the floorboards. I love descriptions, but did nothing but descriptions make the book too slow, hard to get a grip on? Being stasik Pole means to be the last human being east of the Rhine. And it isn’t a metaphor I can understand.

Saturday evening into the bargain. Darkness or blindness give things meaning, when the mind has to seek out a way in the shadows, providing its own light. Staciuk’s visual impressions merge with the memories of other journeys. All that’s contained there.

Shorts, flip-flops, stasiu, T-shirts, sandals, caps with visors, cretonne, cotton; beach, unconstrained boobs. The writer mentions companions in passing, but the feeling is always of one lone person and his consciousness, meeting and describing this place.

Apart from his own books, Czarne also publishes other East European authors. Scraps, pieces, and torn lengths of rusty sheet metal had been arranged in a tidy geometrical pile.


Andrzej Stasiuk

How precious, in the best possible way. The footprint was distinct. He describes with a clarity and an emotive detail that regenerates those moments in your imagination as moments you have witnessed personally dykla you pass the villages on the road.

So why did I gave it two and a half stars for? Either way, it’s an odd word and an indigestible image. The children copied the stoical gravity of their parents.

As the narrator travels, his mind wanders back and forth along the years in parallel journeys to the Dukla of the past and a Dukla that exists only in the realm of possibility. So I decided to try and find the house that R. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The passage closes with a single ambiguous statement all the more striking for its contrast to the delicate specificity that precedes it: Some beliefs from this vanishing world: The surface of the water is equally still.