Find great deals for Kodak DryView Laser Imager Xray Film Processor Imaging System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for A Kodak DryView Laser Imager. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kodak DryView Laser Imager with Kodak PACS Link Systems. This product implements all transactions required in the IHE Technical.

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A tabletop computed radiography system b. K Refer to local panel message. Removing Jams from Area 3 Determining if the seal has an electromagnetic tight fit requires special detection equipment. Moving Stored Images — Keypad P This error can be caused by film or debris in the densitometer.

Vendor Network Dealer Network. Local Panel — User Settings Menu Medical electrical equipment — Part 1: To dryvuew the film cartridge, set the leading edge of the cartridge on the cartridge guides, dfyview slide the eryview into the imager to engage the detents in the bottom of the cartridge.

D Keypad – – Format Menu The numbered descriptions correspond to the numbered callouts in Figure Cleaning the Platen Keypad — Format Menu Copyright c ImageMed5. Keypad — Imager Menu There may be a risk of electric shock from lightning.

Press Density Set, as required, to change the density setting. Erase Button — Used to enter Erase Image mode, which allows random erasure of any or all stored images. Suction cups in the pickup area lift a single sheet of film out of the supply cartridge and feed it into the film transport rollers.


Refurbished / Used Equipment

Keypad – – Format Menu Page: Removing Jams from Area 5 The P message will not interfere with normal operation. From the console, adjust the window and level controls to achieve the desired image quality on the display monitor. Type B Applied Part! Largest installed base of dry laser imagers—more than 15, systems placed worldwide.

A Kodak DryView Laser Imager | eBay

Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test. The laser diode never touches the film, so you can count on steadfast reliability and consistency.

Local Panel Controls Page: The functions of the buttons vary depending onthe type of system. Estimated 25, radiologists worldwide rely on DryView systems every day. Order from Kodak Service Parts.

Preisvorschlag senden – Laden Handling Developed Film Re–install the film cartridge and close the front door. Examine the 15 images on the contrast test sheet and dryvview the image with the most appropriate contrast.

Refer to Figure Testing and Measurement Techniques — Section 8: On either an or Laser Imager Standard or Plus dryivew, the 15 images may be printed on a single film sheet or the 15 different contrast images may be printed on multiple film sheets depending on the acquired image size.

870 maintenance and cleaning ensure optimum imager performance. Use a tack cloth to wipe the surface of the platen, as well as the inside surfaces close to the bottom of the exposure module.

  2001 AUMF PDF

A149599 Kodak DryView 8700 Laser Imager

Imager Information Area 3 — Indicates the number of films remaining in the supply cartridge, the number drygiew prints in the print queue, and the total number of completed prints. Unprecedented speed and image quality ” Up to films per hour for maximum productivity ” micron laser spot spacing, dpi resolution ” Continuous-tone images with up to 4, gray levels ” Consistent resolution from application to application ” 1: Image Processing Button — Selects smooth or sharp dryvview processing.

Use of controls or adjustments, or performance of procedures other than those specified herein, may result in eye damage. Stop Print Button — Stops the most recently queued print job.

Automatic Image Quality Control From the Main Menu, press Imager Menu. You can select either positive or negative contrast.

Complete system — consists of all components necessary to extract images from projection X-ray based systems for diagnosis.

Image Polarity Button — Selects positive or negative image polarity.