December 30, 2018

David said: At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love. Del amor o “De l’ amour” en francés es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, según algunos una. Title, Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor. Colares literatura. Author, Stendhal. Publisher, Colares Editora, ISBN, , Length, De la cual se deduce que el amor es una operación psíquica eminentemente subjetiva, en la que el enamorado proyecta sobre el ser amado una creciente.

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His voice is the voice to emulate. But which of our successive Governments did commit the frightful atrocity of anglicizing us? One of the great French novelists of the nineteenth century, Stendhal describes his unhappy youth with sensitivity and intelligence in his autobiographical novel The Life of Amof Brulard, written in and but published in I thought this was brilliant.

Del amor – Stendhal – Google Books

He is “in love” with the illusion of potential, of what could be or might have been. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I think my understanding of some of the themes would have been enhanced by a more thorough understanding of 19th Century French literature and poetry. A contemporary reviewer wrote: Mar 19, Tony rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the type of book you should read at 18 because it makes you realise a hundred things you probably acknowledge when you turn Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

But that is a very selfish, vain kind of emotion. The most heartrending moment of love in its infancy is the realization that you have been mistaken about something, and that a whole framework of crystals has to be destroyed. But I think Stendhal shows that a writer needs above all a great soul.

Jan 03, Eduardo Pereira rated it it was amazing. Mar 26, Morgan rated it really liked it. He’s french, anyway, which helps.

Sstendhal, if she is natural and unaffected, her expression makes him overlook the faults of her features. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

He begins to find her charming, it enters his head that she might be loved, stenhdal a week later, he is living in hope. Want to Read saving…. Although he goes on about lots of random french literature which half the time i had no clue about this book is highly recommended.

Aristocracy masked by a charter, or the government of a nation for the benefit of the rich, as in England, and all according to Biblical morality 4.

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Hispania includes articles on pedagogy, literature, linguistics, and technology-assisted language instruction related to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds.

Shendhal eBook available Amazon. Qualquer corpo estranho, como um ramo seco, que viesse a cair na salina, acabava por perder a forma inicial e cristalizava. France is important in the pattern of this book because Paris, thanks to the superiority of its conversation and literature, is and always will be the drawing-room of Europe.

Stendhal exorcised his unrequited love for stendhwl Milanese beauty w this philosophical buffet-chaud. There is a section called various fragments that consist of quotes, anecdotes which is very interesting and profound, not all of it concerning love.

Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor – Stendhal – Google Books

It gives, in fact, apparently more intense pleasure than anything else on earth. The federal republic, or government for the benefit of all, as in the USA 5. This state in a country inspires everyone with lively passion, induces a more natural way of life, does away with stupidities, conventional virtues, and absurdities or etiquette, makes young people more serious, and causes them to despise vanity-love and to abstain from gallantry polite attention or respect given by men to women.

There is no other word to describe it. He calls it “chrystallization,” and uses the image of a bare branch thrown into the bottom of a Bavarian salt mine, which becomes gradually covered with fragile salt chrystals. Laws are made and enforced by old men and priests; this is evident in the kind of comical jealousy with which the pleasures of the senses are attacked in the British Isles. This state can last a long time, and shape the habits of a generation.

I could think of nothing but whether he would notice me. Concerning the Amir of Nations – France Od, schooled by charming Frenchmen who have nothing to offer but vanity and physical desires, are less active, less energetic, less feared and above all, less loved and less powerful than Spanish or Italian women. His theory sgendhal that the amorr of love are necessary in order to “crystallize” the object of one’s love, which basically is a process of transcendence from the real to the ideal, a state which is necessary in real, passionate love.

Aug 03, Richard rated it really liked it. I need not press my investigation further; the reader will, on reflection, be well able to reach his own conclusions… Chapter I: He seems to be trying, at one and the same time, to raise his own unrequited love for Countess Dembowska up to a pedestal, but also to vouchsafe it in the realm of the unattainable, the fictive.


I think do amor stendhal understanding of some of the themes would have been enhanced by a more thorough understanding of 19th Century Do amor stendhal literature and poetry. These loves are different for Stendhal, he sees Werther as a sentimental and passionate man, but he misses the point amkr Werther’s sorrows: Besides all these general ways of look at love there are the differences resulting from age, and finally, the peculiarities of the individual.

Search and do amor stendhal options can be performed on captured information. No es definitivamente una de sus grandes obras para un 5 ni tan bajo como para un 2. A Frenchman thinks he is the unhappiest man in the world and verging on the the most ridiculous aor he has to spend his time alone.

More Concerning France If anyone reads this essay I shall get my insults back a hundredfold, for national honour is a jealous watchdog. I could not avoid using the word, and trust that the scientific austerity of my style puts me beyond reproach on that score.

Love, or the most common substitute that uses its name, was all-powerful in France under Louis XV; the ladies of the court chose the colonels, and that was stendhaal finest position in the kingdom.

When a man is jilted they tell him: In France, it began inwas interrupted inand began again into continue until God knows when. Stendhal is at the same time deeply romantic and decidedly a feminist… It is not only in the name of freedom in general, it is in the name of individual happiness that Stendhal demands the emancipation of women.

We must face the fact that women are no longer in fashion; in our salons, brilliant as they are, young men of 20 affect never to speak to them, much preferring to gather round some coarse driveller with a provincial accent who talks of capacities, while they try to get in a word edgeways. He wrote these essays in a passion to unrequited love for his Italian mistress who probably helped to inspire the character of Mathilde in The Red and the Black.

It is these meandering discussions of love, what it is and what it isn’t, the stages of falling in and out of love, the nuance between love and jealousy, and their co-dependance, which make the first half of Love a real pleasure to read.