P.J.M. Verschuren and J.A.C.M. Doorewaard/Eleven International The guidelines and methods presented for designing a research project have. Designing a Research Project provides methods and techniques for developing conceptually and technically sound research projects. The guidelines for. Designing a Research Project. Front Cover. Piet Verschuren, Hans Doorewaard. Lemma Publishers, Jan 1, – pages.

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Iteration In this example there are no reasons for reorienting the project context.

B is assessing the effects of this approach by developing criteria for an effective drug prevention policy on the basis of a comprehensive literature survey. By pointing out the weak aspects of this implementation, one can make recommendations for improving future policies or strategies. Present a comprehensive b -part, in which you indicate the information, knowledge and insights the research project will produce.

Wherever appropriate, adjust your research objective. Moreover, problem-analysing research offers a good opportunity for a relatively small research project such as a master’s thesis, to make a realistic and useful contribution to solving a particular problem. On the basis of various examples the reader is introduced into the creative process of designing a research project.

We do realise, 2 Research objective 51 though, that this argument is more important to a master or PhD student than to a contract researcher.

In addition you provide insight into the results vershuren recent scientific research regarding the relationships between these rssearch.

At the start of a research project, the researcher should make a brief description of the project context, including all the elements mentioned above. Rosalia Adisti rated it really liked it Apr 13, The next question is how to achieve this design product.


Designing A Research Project by Piet Verschuren

Suddenly you find yourself in the senior consultant’s office and the question is: Moreover, you have chosen to carry out a critical evaluation of the current policy. Firstly, organisations often have difficulty in answering the question ‘What is the actual problem? We call this practice-oriented research. Moreover, there is a projeft aspect. The constructive line of reasoning, the many well-elaborated instructions and heuristics on how to obtain results, the abundance of examples and a set of assignments render it suitable for self-study.

As a researcher you have been asked to back up this design with relevant knowledge.

Designing a Research Project

The goal is to develop a plan that is likely to be accepted by all three counties. Students or PhD candidates face similar problems and very often they do not have a well-defined idea of what the project entails and what is expected of them.

These insights have either been obtained from theories derived from previous empirical research, or from interviews with experts. Prroject person carrying out the project gathers a constant flow of 58 Parti Conceptual design data regarding the execution of the intervention plan. Conversely, a theory-oriented research which originally did not intend to be of any practical use, often may, one way or the other vrrschuren to provide information that can be very useful in practice.

This conviction is two-faceted. You decide on a total of twenty interviews and allocate three weeks of your time to this. Chapter 4 elaborates in greater detail on the method of how to compose this set of research questions. In order to carry out this type of research successfully, the following conditions have to be met: This farming policy is the research object.


Rumour has it that we, the board, do not protect the interests of our members sufficiently, which – of course – is not true.

Others distrust the project and regard it as a veiled way of reducing manpower. This is the subject of a public management evaluation research project. Finally, the chapter is summarised in a step-by-step approach.

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The hypotheses may stem from one and the same theory. A confrontation can also involve an assessment of A based on B. This will be studied later on. In such a situation there is a fair chance that you will start to analyse the background and the reasons for the wrong problem. The problem will often prove to have been only partially solved or new problems may have emerged. Intervention-oriented research “Hostel Korteweg’ Project context Hostel Korteweg is an insurance broker who acts as an verschure for the insurance of exceptionally large projects such as drilling platforms, a visit by the Pope or an exhibition.

Again, there is a danger that, as a consequence of the step-by-step plans, the reader slavishly applies these steps, without critical reflection. Experienced researchers are aware of the problems in formulating an exact definition for the problem that has to be solved, or in dealing with the specific way the commissioning party of the project precisely envisages versfhuren assignment.