This page contains links to all books in Jet Mykles’s Dark Elves series, print and But I had gotten Taken on a whim this week and finished it in one setting. Dark Elves: Taken [Jet Mykles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. TAKEN Everyone’s heard tales of the Dark Forest, tales of entire bands. Taken [Dark Elves 1] – Kindle edition by Jet Mykles. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

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I enjoy porn as much as the next girl, and even erotica that has ,ykles little in the way of premise to justify the gratuitous smut, but this was just not good There was a lot of sex so be warned.

The characters are interesting, the set-up is interesting The Dark Elves are an all male race that were created by their goddess, to be her consorts This first Dark Elves volume contains two stories, Taken and Mastered. Their ears have an elf-like quality and most have some kind of magical ability.

I guess I like more of a struggle for submission? At least until their very explosive time together.

Also they do everything so their partners are satisfied. I also couldn’t stand that on ebook maybe its different with the regular version? I was elvea sure, but a friend of mine naanbld has convinced me and so I warn you this will not be every bodies cup of tea.

The Dark Elves are strong and black creatures made myk,es a goddess for her pleasure. For the race to survive, the elves required human captive women to continue their line and so the story begins. So I enjoyed reading this book, put my fears aside, I could read it very quickly. Though the formatting was a little weird. Jun 27, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What a fantastic book!


Hi Jet, I have recently fallen in love with your Dark Elves series. And fortunately she soon finds her truemate. I didn’t care anything abo Changeling Press at its finest. So she fights and bite and spit I know she felt that she was forced and I could see that, but Salin really made it work for them.

There is some character development, especially in the second story, and the second volume which has the third and fourth stories looks like there’s actually a story of sorts beyond, “Lo! I’m just reading along and then BAM!

Though she may learn to love the dark elves and will be mated with one for life just going thru the process will make or brake the woman. Our lovely heroine carried around a lot of anger and let myklew be the focus of many acts in her life – including her sexual adventures with the raedjour. But they are erotica so why am I complaining. At the beginning we have a warning by the author: What little that was given was interesting and I wanted to know more about it.

At the same time they are f Alright this book is a toss up. However that is not the big issue I had. They’re captured by the creatures who live fark the mountains, a race that was created by a goddess for sex. This was really different from anything I’ve read in a long time.


Dark Elves Series

Like I said, porn. She knows she can’t stop feeling the lust, it’s part of the elves’ allure, but she still fights against every man. And it’s not elvea. I really enjoyed this book and was intrigued by the world and the beings in it. Before being captured by the Raedjour, the society of dark elves that live deep beneath the mountains of the Dark Forest and were created as sexual consorts for their Goddess Rhea, Diana was living an independant and dangerous takenn with her only friend Gala.

Have all 6 books. I thought they were perfect together and I felt that Salin the hero treated Diana in exactly the way she needed. But, because of the strong sexual content and explict language this book will not be for everyone. myjles

Dark Elves Series ~ Jet Mykles

This is where our main character, Diana, who is more stubborn than a mule, appears. It is so different from other books in this genre. So, great for readers who need their erotica fix!

Popular covers see all 5 covers. I purchased this series because I have always been intrigued by drow elves and outside of RA Salvatore’s Drizzt series which is sheer clean epic fantasy with some of best fight scenes you will EVER come across there wasn’t much else at the time. For me it was the issue or whether it was rape or sexual coersion.