Clidemia hirta is a densely-branching shrub that usually grows from 50 – cm tall, often forming impenetrable stands, especially if growing in good soils[. Leaf and flower, Clidemia hirta (Kostner’s curse); opposite leaves (up to 15 cm long x 8 cm wide) have prominent veins and are dark green. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Perennial shrub. Foliage: Glossy, deeply veined leaves are ovate to oblong with crenate leaf margin (leaf edge lined with.

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The best form of invasive species management is prevention.

Clidemia hirta – Useful Tropical Plants

They are oval i. Don Melastomataceae – a new record of a naturalized taxon for Tamil Nadu. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. The syrup has a beautiful indigo blue color and may be used to enhance and remove the bitterness of teas such as yerba mate. Similarly, in the submontane forest of the East Usambaras, Tanzania, C. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 20 6: Pteris lidgatei no common name.

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A world catalogue of agents and their target weeds, 2nd edn. Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and hirat the map. Similarly, in the naturalized range C. However, repeated efforts to control seedlings in expanding Hawaiian populations have failed.

Waterhouse, ; PIER, Continental rain forest fragments in Singapore resist invasion by exotic plants.

horta Economic Impact Top of page C. Uses and Management Uses and Management Management. Tropical Biology Association Leaves fall off, growth ceases and some death of shoot tips occurs. Viola helenae no common name. The leaves are opposite, simple, stalked, elliptical.

Platanthera holochila no common name: The base clidwmia the flower is swollen into a cup-shaped structure i. La graine de forme obovale, porte une arille, longue de 0,5 mm.

Draft Recovery Plan for Phyllostegia hispida: Hand pulling of seedlings and digging up mature plants, inclusive of roots, is possible. In Hawaii, long-distance dispersal is carried out by human means, such as shoes and vehicle wheels, and seeds are locally disseminated by birds and feral pigs which can also carry seeds in their fur. Negative impacts on humans, communities.


Animals, particularly frugivorous birds, are considered an important means ihrta seed dispersal, also as birds will remove the fleshy parts of the fruit and increase seed germination Mandon-Dalger et al.

Clidemia hirta Koster’s curse ; flowers, fruit, and leaves. The invasive tropical shrub Clidemia hirta Melastomataceae in its native and introduced ranges: Invasive alien species in Japan: Title Fruit and leaves Caption Clidemia hirta Koster’s curse ; fruit and leaves.

Don Maieta hirta L.

Clidemia hirta

The oppositely arranged simple leaves cm long and cm wide are borne on stalks petioles mm long. Otherwise, there are no uses for this plant.

Its invasion into Hawaiian forests is apparently aided by a release from these herbivores and pathogens DeWalt Denslow and Ickes