Cisco RVS 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN Quick Start Guide. trademarks of CiscoSystems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the UnitedStates and certain other countries. All other trademarks . Read this data sheet to learn the benefits, specifications, and ordering information for the Cisco RVS 4-port Gigabit Security Router: VPN. The Cisco RVS Gigabit Security Router delivers secure, high-speed network Limited lifetime warranty; Support for Small Business QuickVPN software.

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Port State Displays the state of the selected port. Page New Preshared Key g. Page Does the router support any operating system other than Windows 98, Millennium,or XP?

Cisco RVS4000 – Gigabit Security Router Administration Manual

Point-to-Point mannual via the Internet on the Layer 2 level. Filters Properties If you want to enter a description for your filter, click the Description tab and enter the description there. To change your password, click Change Password. Select a policy from the drop-down menu to display the settings for a policy. Page 96 Go to Page drop-down menu. Configure individual tunnel rules. This action restores the factory defaults and clear all of the router settings, such as port forwarding or a new password.

This new Preshared key will be displayed. Tx Errors Displays the number of error packets transmitted from the selected port.


Windows 98 and Millennium: Page This level blocks most potentially malicious websites and does not create too many false positives. Page 81 STEP 1 panel. Uncheck the Use Add Wizard box, and click Add to create a new rule. After a rule is set up, click this button to add it to the list. On the Rules tab, click the OK or Close button to return to the window showing the security policies.

For each application, enter the IP address of the PC running the specific application. Step-by- step instructions are provided on the next page. Displays the total connection time of the latest VPN session. Select this option to log all traffic that is filtered by this rule. Does the router support ICQ send file? Page 61 Domain Name field. Page 43 Click this button to show the routing table established either through dynamic or static routing methods. Uncheck the box to specify that the associated port is a link bridge to another STP device.

ProtectLink is available for online purchase through online resellers such as CDW. After you enter the information at the top of the window, the information for the specified users appears in the table. Click this button to break a connection for the current VPN tunnel. Click the OK button. Enter a value from to , seconds. Page 59 Displays the total connection time of the latest VPN session.

This feature allows you to use an http or https port to remotely manage the router. Click OK to continue.



If the time expires, a new key is renegotiated automatically. All Cisco firmware upgrades are posted on www.

In the field provided, enter: Select the traffic forwarding queue, 1 to 4, to which the DSCP priority is mapped. Page New Preshared Key o. Go to Page drop-down menu. Don’t show me this message again.

For information, click Help. Flashes red during firmware upgrades. I have purchased ProtectLink Web and want to register it.

New Rules Properties h. Page In the Summary window, if all your entries appear correct, click Go.

Page 52 To delete a policy, check the box in the Delete column, and then click Delete. Use this window to renew your license, add seats, or view license information online. Rvs40000 restore a previously saved config file back to the router, enter the file name in the field or click Browse to select the config file, then click Restore to upload the config file.

Getting Started with the RVS Page 27 Displays the amount of flash memory installed in the router.