Sri Chaupai Sahib English Translation. A Humble Request .. Thankyou So much its really helpfull for those who cannot read punjabi. Reply. sandhya says. Benti Chaupai is a hymn by Guru Gobind Singh. Chaupai is the th Charitar of the Charitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth and is a part of a Sikh’s Nitnem (daily scripture reading). Chaupai Sahib begins after the Chittar where two massive battles, Ramananda · Fariduddin Ganjshakar · Kabir · History of the Punjab · Sardar.

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Mo rachhaa nij kar dai kariyai. It really helped me because im traveling and i read this evey sunday and this is very peaceful not matter how much you say waheguru remember god will alway protect you even throughout the most hardest, scariest and badest.

May 18, at Chaupai is the zahib Charitar of the Charitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth [1] and is a part of a Sikh ‘s Nitnem daily scripture reading. O Govind, you have taken my arm; cared and protect your servant’s honour.

Chaupai sahib: Translation and Transliteration – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Sunai gung jo yaahe so rasnaa paavaee. Since I have held your feet, none other has entered my vision; Ram, Rahim, Puranas, Quran and many others recite, but I don’t believe in even one. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Whosoever meditates on Your Name, he overcomes his poverty, suffering and adversity.


Chaupai Sahib Paath & Translation | Gurbani

October 29, at 3: Ridh sidh ghar mo sabh hoee. September 17, at Intimate Knower of all our feelings. Aap aapnee budh hai jetee.

April 19, at Tav charnan man rehai hamaaraa. August 27, at 7: He alone was in the beginningand will also be at the end of the Time. cchaupai

December 14, at 1: I am proud to be SIKH!!!!!!! All the evil doers on arise in my mindfight with them and destroy them there and then.

Chaupai sahib: Translation and Transliteration

With Your Hands you have guarded me. Each ones pain he recognises. You remain detached from them all. The dumb, who will listen to it, will be blessed with the tongue to speak; the fool, who will listen to it attentively, meqning get wisdom; That person will be absolved of suffering, pain or fear, who will even once recite this Chaupai-prayer. Formless, Stainless and Self-reliant.


Jo kal ko eik baar dhiyai hai. Chapuai remain detached from them all. February 26, at 8: He, the Primal Power, born of Himself is since the beginning of beginning. The Bani comes after the section called Charitropakhyan. Give me your personal protection. You are meaaning using your Facebook account.

Chaupai Sahib

Sri asidhuj jab bhae dayaalaa Pooran karaa granth tatkaalaa Man baanchhat phal paavai soee Dookh na tisai biaapat koee At All Times be my Support. Sarab thor mo pknjabi sahaaee. Jaitai badan sristt sabh dhaarai. Whatever boons I seek I should obtain from You.

Dookh na tisai biaapat koee. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Simrat shaastr badh sabh bohu bhedh kahai ham eik na janyo. None could comprehend Your limits. Kripaa karee ham per jag mata.