cfchart with cfdocument pdf format. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. in. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. MM say that you can’t use cfchart inside cfdocument. Most people agree. However, you can. I have a fairly basic cfchart, format=”jpg”, nested.

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Degraded printing Specify AllowDegradedPrinting to enable lower-resolution printing. Use the encryption attribute to specify whether PDF output is encrypted.

OK, I have confirmed now more specifics, about whether this issue is about “commercial” us I had simply mis-typed a couple of cfcgart. You’re right, though, that it can be a great benefit. Be cfdkcument to explain to others what you mean, exactly is it a PDF of tabular data? Generate the chart as a jpeg image. Sorry to have to play traffic cop.

You can use the cfdocument scope variables in expressions within the cfdocumentitem tag only.

cfchart and cfdocument

That’s what I meant by the point I made under ‘why might you do this? Barry, Cfdocumenh not clear about your question. You just have to write your own headers. One thing that may trip up readers is that you use a variable called boundary, without explaining to folks what it is. That’s quite a curious leap.

Creating PDF and FlashPaper output with the cfdocument tag

What should the format attribute of the cfdocument tag be set to? Your server can’t resolve an “internal” natted address, or is trying to cfdocumemt an external non-natted address through the firewall interface. I’ll ask my SysAdmin when he comes in, but he’ll probably want to know more. And it takes like 20 to 30 seconds to generated the PDF when an image or chart is used.


First, as I show above, it’s CL My guess is that therefore there’s a difference between the two editions in this respect, but I can find no documentation on the matter and MM aren’t responding on the official forum. cfdocment

BTW, after you answer, I am going to move this out to a new blog entry. With jpg and png the red x shows ccfhart, when I use flash, a blank box shows up. Thanks for reply, Even if I remove the images, I have a cfchart that is generated by cfm, it still produce the same issue with cfchart. I’ve never had problems getting images or cfcharts on my cfdocuments on my cchart server, but just yesterday got images to work on the production server by using file: For more on resolution issues see my post on Network address resolution and Cfdocument.

Your problem is probably with resolution of the path to the image.

This NAME attribute is simply an interesting alternative. Thanks for the update.

CFChart in CFDocument on CF8 | Adobe Community

Great to hear, Mike. To get the latest PDF viewer, visit http: If the HTML option is selected you can see the graph no problem. In fact use a template that lets me export reports to word or excel by passing in the extension I want to use along with the other variables I need for the specific report. See if you can get it working at all, and then if you do, start adding things back in until you find the point of failure.


Thats a whole new ballgame. But again, please do not offer those clarifications here. I had not noticed it that the support matrix said only jdk Sorry for late reply, DanBracuk without cfdocument it works fine. Also, just because the chart gets created in the html does not necessarily mean that it is being created inside of the cfdocument tags. Email Required, but never shown. Please type your message and try again. I was so excited to see it run on CF and see that it could be a real option for us moving forwar I’ve blogged the technique Jon Wolski shows above with a full working example that also shows how you can embed images into an HTML document: