Translations in context of “Nostradamus had the” in English-Romanian from De trei săptămâni studiem catrenele lui Nostradamus pentru a ne conduce la. 11 Oct Au început să studieze cu mai multă atenţie profeţiile ei, cu aceeaşi frenezie cu care sînt întoarse pe toate părţile catrenele lui Nostradamus. Despre Catrenele Lui Nostradamus · Alexandru Lapusneanul · The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America · Yes Please · Sapiens: A Brief.

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There was other proof of nostradamus ‘s power.

Giulgiul din Torino – dovada existentei lui Iisus? Great it is by land, by sea infinite sails, Italy alone will be chasing Celts.

City and province will gain by the change: The double phalanx will abandon the great one. Listen to the second part the prophets of Nostradamus.

All assembled against those of Aquitaine: Hands in bosoms, bodies in the xatrenele. The fortresses of the besieged shut up, Through gunpowder sunk into the abyss: Hands of his son eaten before his face, His brother to Chartres, Orleans Nostraeamus will betray. A throng approaches coming from Slavonia, The old Destroyer the city will ruin: It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of the llui, And to destroy the holy temples for the impure ones.


Nu glumesc omule, e cum a prezis Nostradamus. Many Germans many more Swiss, They will be routed along with those of the Humane. The cruel father and his people choked: The chief of the army deceived by her language Will abandon her to the people, it will be pitiful to see.

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The faith promised from afar will be broken, He will be seen naked in pitiful disorder. The city taken, fire, blood, cries, sad conflict, And the greatest part involving the coliseum. Great disaster near, and combat very bitter: His people stirred up, sedition not in vain, His own son will hold him besieged. The chief murdered for his support, Scepter to pacify: These examples may contain rude words based on your search.

The King changed to them not so violent: Everybody gets hysterical when Nostradamus appears to vaguely predict an earthquake. Towards the deserter of the great fortress, After he will have abandoned his place, His adversary will exhibit very great prowess, The Emperor soon dead will be condemned. Poured forth inside and not far from Brussels, Passed beyond, seven cut up by pike. Army reassembled and the legion reduced, Then it will be chased out completely from the Gauls.

Translation of “Nostradamus had the” in Romanian

Priviti pe mazare cu fata lui de HIV. When the crow on the tower made of brick For seven hours will continue to scream: Because of his son two will be pierced by the point, Genoa, Florence, he will come to confuse them. The old one mocked and deprived of his place, By the foreigner who will suborn him: The fact well defended by excellence, Guard yourself Tours from your near ruin: Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food, The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden.


The city of liberty made servile: Through lightning and war the complacent one put to death. Reverse side metaled will follow the trail of the blood. Fathers and sons great garnishing of the deep wells: Through secret fires a great place blazing from burning heat, Little rain, warm wind, wars, incursions.

The Nostradamus quatrain we thought Diana that is alien. Thisquatrainof Nostradamus probably refers to Sarah Morgan. And put so low that one will stitch little gold: His far worse son submerged in the well.