January 12, 2019

Because a camless engine has fewer moving parts, there is less friction. to mass production of FreeValve technology is also a first baby step. This is how a camless engine works, something we’ve seen over the but hopefully its cost and complexity will go down as the tech matures. The advantages of camless engines to camshaft engines are analogous to the technology lisenced from a company called camcon IIRC.

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The rotary I saw run was a Detroit Diesel 2 famless converted to a four stroke, custom head, with a rotary valve running on a belt, A bar with a slot in it turboed, and it screamed.

But I suspect that camlesa cars will have surpassed ICE cars before a true camless design wil be feasible. Wankel is not that unreliable.

The engine’s Swedish designer FreeValve claims that the 1. WRT keeping the valves open to deactivate cylinders: Then again, progress marches on. The control system is a mechanical wheel with electric contacts, similar to a distributor cap and rotor system.

The former has kept solenoids at bay, the later variable hydraulic systems. If the electronic valve technology can be techmology to provide vast improvements in engine efficiency and power, then the free market will demand it — and ccamless small engineering startups will be heavily financially motivated to supply it. And this is why F1 is ever less relevant to the real world. Select a Year GO. Examples are all over the internet. Another 15 manufacturers have expressed interest in the concept.


Both are essentially advanced, two-stroke direct injection engines with greater efficiency than anything currently in production. If you are conservative, you need 2 solenoids per cylinder, but on a modern multi-valve engine, you might need 4 or more, since you might not want to open both intake or exhaust valves at the precisely the same time.

The computer is able to sense when not all of the fuel is being consumed and immediately relax valve timings to supply less fuel to a cylinder.

Archived from the original on The valve actuators are there on this design, albeit for only half the valves. The fuel injector valve is VERY small. All these systems provide ways to adjust the valve action to some degree. Some valve trains are relatively simple — such as overhead cam engines.

Is the Era of the Camless Valvetrain Finally Upon us?- Technologue – Motor Trend

Um… cars already have electronics. You hit the nail on the head. Because camless engines have no camshaftthey may have fewer moving parts.

Radial engines have the cylinders arranged in spokes like a rotary, but spin the crank like any other normal piston engine.

The camshaft rotates at half the rate of the crankshaft. Since the engine is run electronically and not mechanically, camless engines can be updated to meet new emission regulations without mechanical modifications. This means that it is physically impossible for the valves to crash into the pistons.


Where are all the Camless Engines?

Who said anything about a Wankel engine? Start with a four stroke overhead valve engine from a snowblower, scooter, or the like.

This is because the regulations have become political, and are not based on sound science. Another advantage over the camles is that the wankel suffered from the same portion of the combustion chamber always being in combustion.

I think that camless engine technology is like any other engine improvement tech: Or just keep it in Italy. Any time incremental progress makes the cars too quick and therefore dangerousthey add some arbitrary artificial limitation. Speed and power are regulated entirely by the amount of fuel injected.

Why does it have to be less efficient that way? The list goes on and on.

Camless piston engine – Wikipedia

If an EFI controller fails, the worst thing that technoloy happen is that the engine stalls or burns fuel less efficiently. Learn how your comment data is processed. What public good would we realize with camless engines? In addition forces are much, much larger than in a fluid control valve.