20 May A very, very short prose-exercise by Nobelist Brodsky about Venice, his many wintertime trips there, the enchantment and ironies and visual. Watermark [Joseph Brodsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this brief, intense, gem-like book, equal parts extended autobiographical . As much a brooding self-portrait as a lyric description of Venice, poet Brodsky’s quirky, impressionistic essay describes his year romance with a city of.

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Streets empty; stores, bars, restaurants and trattorias close. Yet while these characters are far more dangerousindeed more harmfulthan the Turks, the Austrians, and Napoleon all lumped together, since money has more battalions than generals, in the seventeen years that I’ve frequented this city very little has waterark here. The music subsides; its twin, however, has risen, you discover upon stepping outsidenot significantly, but enough for you to feel reimbursed for the faded chorale.

The surrounding beauty is such that one instantly conceives of an incoherent animal desire to match it, to be on a par. The main danger is perceived to be high winter tides; the rest is done by the mainland’s industry and agriculture silting the [laguna] with their chemical wastes, and by the deterioration of the wstermark own clogged canals.

Besides, at a certain age, and in a certain line of work at that, to be loved back is not exactly imperative. I had just brdosky lunch in some small trattoria on the remotest part of the Fondamente Nuove, grilled fish and half a bottle of wine. We walked through the sleeping town, rarely seeing another passerby.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise

There was no hunger this night. I think I’d never met a Fascistyoung or old; however, I’d dealt with a considerable number of old CP members, brofsky that’s why tea at Olga Rudge’s place, with that bust of Ezra sitting on the floor, rang, so to speak, a bell. You’d need an extraordinary neurosis, or a comparable accumulation of sins, or both, to fall prey to nightmares on these premises. As far as the principle of causality is concerned, it should be added that the main hero in this story is precisely Daedalus, who, apart from a very convincing cow, builtthis time on the king’s requestthe very labyrinth in which the bull-headed offspring and his slayer got to face each other one day, with disastrous consequences for the former.


WATERMARK by Joseph Brodsky | Kirkus Reviews

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the first instance, it relies on human genius; in the second, it draws on one’s reservoir of humility. I simply think that water is the image of time, and every New Year’s Eve, in somewhat pagan fashion, I try to find myself near water, preferably near a sea or an ocean, to watch the emergence of a new waterjark, a new cupful of time from it.

They were presided over by a rather distraught and spiteful middle-aged queenvery blond, very blue-eyed, wayermark drunk: Cynthia Krupat Designed by.

It is simply that the city offers bipeds a notion of visual superiority absent in their natural lairs, in their habitual surroundings. Their unfamiliaritybetter to say, their nonexistencewas what would unleash the ancients’ fantasy, enabling them to attribute to the animals various aspects of otherworldliness, including those of divine commerce.

He defended his right to be himself against those who expected conformity and were often hostile to outsiders. His voice is the voice of a loner and an outcast most probably a biproduct of his involutary exile from the Soviet Union and yet instead of having pity for him, you think you might like to throw him into one of those famous venetian canals yourself.

At any rate, I seldom got myself across the thresholds of ordinary dwellings in this city. Each room meant your further disappearance, the next degree of your nonexistence. The trundling of the carriage and the effect of its constant vibration on one’s frame did, I suppose, the rest, rearranging or messing up my muscles, etc. If you’ve never been to Venice or hated getting lost there, don’t bother with this book unless you’re writing your dissertation on Brodsky.

For this sort of fantasy to come true, the requirements are the same as for inhabiting a [piano nobile]. It surrounds you like frozen seaweed, and the more you dart and dash about trying to get your bearings, the more you get lost.


I guess I am one of those who prefer choice to flux, and stone is always a choice.

I had to really push myself to get through the pages of disjointed prose Perhaps this idea was even of my own manufacture, but now I don’t remember. To have another life, one ought to be able to wrap up the first one, and the job should be watermakr neatly.

Surely not a saint, but perhaps not yet a full-scale dragon; hardly a Theseus, but not a maiden-starved Minotaur either. I take heat very poorly; the unmitigated emissions of hydrocarbons and armpits still worse. For, now and then, across the canal, two or three well-lit, tall, rounded windows, half shaded with gauze or tulle, reveal an watefmark chandelier, the lacquered fin of a grand piano, opulent bronze framing auburn or rubescent oils, the gilded rib cage of a ceiling’s beamsand you feel as though you are looking into a fish through its scales, and inside of it there’s a party.

Satermark, what mattered for me most at the impressionable stage at which I came across this novel was that it taught me the most crucial lesson in composition; namely, that what makes a narrative good is not the story itself but what follows what. There was something odd in her timbre and I cocked my ear. So were I looking for consolation, I could derive it from the thought that we now are both treading the same groundof a different continent.

Watermakr the waves retreat they leave drier matter-of-fact passages that shake you and wake you up from the lolling dream. And of course, turning this place into a capital of scientific research would brldsky a palatable option, especially taking brodky account the likely advantages of the local phosphorus-rich diet for any mental endeavor.