The Official Hasbro sponsored Transformers Collectors’ Convention: BotCon® celebrating all eras of Transformers Toys!. Botcon Exclusive Dawn of Predacus Box Set. BY HASBRO – BRAND TRANSFORMERS BBTS Logo. COPYRIGHT BIGBADTOYSTORE, INC. Product Description. The Waruders invade planets, solar systems and universes to satiate their never ending need to feed. All four are redecos of the.

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The only two events on Wednesday were open to a limited first-come, first-served number of pre-registrants only.

Thank you, once again, for your support! BotCon Registration Information. On February 29the ” Shattered Glass ” set was announced to be sold out for Primus packages as well.

The Transformers Cosplay contest allows everyone to show off their creations, but many Cosplayers walk around the show all weekend ready for pictures. kogo

BotCon 2008

Demand continues to outstrip supply for BotCon bocton and registrations! If you enjoyed attending BotCon, you’ll love either TFcon convention! They support us The Gendarmerie nationale has been established as a military-staffed law enforcement agency in France, with more than years of history. Check out the box artwork for the BotCon: Botcpn Schedule 2. Tickets are available at the door. In the past vehicles based on G1 and Transformers Movie cars have been at the convention, there have been Transformers themed concerts, live script readings with Transformers voice actors, and more.

Hype for the convention began on the BotCon website on November 27, when the entire page was replaced by a giant graphic of a mysterious trio of ominous-looking Autobots, a new logo featuring a purple BotCon logo with a matching purple Autobot symbol, and a spooky video clip featuring a backwards Transformers theme. This property is across the street from the Hyatt and the Duke Energy Center. It was held in Cincinnati, Ohiofrom April 24 to Fun Publications had previously held its conventions in the early fall; however, the date was moved up to coincide with the release of the live-action Transformers movie.


BotCon Figure Preview. BotCon From Transformers Wiki. All were available for autographs, pictures, and participate in panels throughout the convention. After that date, you will need to come to Late Registration Friday morning at 9: All will be revealed on Thursday night at the show.

Fun Publications scheduled a large number of events to take place over the course of the convention to keep attendees entertained and informed. Contents 1 Venue 2 Merchandise 2. This article is a stub and is missing information. This is the first time we have shown the free attending figure before the start notcon BotCon! BotCon Special Guests. In addition to this, different special events take place per show.

Convenient sky bridges connect the hotel to the convention center, ensuring that attendees never had to actually set foot outside during the weekend. Cut off for Pre-registration is April BotCon Press Release.

We have started a new hotel block at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. You left a piece out! After spending his whole life fighting the Decepticons, he will find himself in a new time and place, one in which the rules of the game have btcon and the stakes are higher than ever!


You can still come to the show under these options: In order to accommodate those who are still planning to attend, we are providing you with two new options:.

Retrieved from ” https: The video clip also claimed that “this spring It’s going to be a blast!

The Transformers Collectors’ Convention – BotCon® !

They have rooms with two double beds available for you by calling or ! TFcon continues the spirit of BotCon past with a focus on fans and the Transformers dealer room.

In order to accommodate those who are still planning to attend, we are providing you with two new options: So that you can see what you will be getting this year, we have decided to do something we have never done before Mini-Con packages are not eligible to purchase these items on Thursday or Friday. The convention center is also attached to Providence Place Mallwhich features a sixteen screen multiplex theatre and a Hot Topic that was totally sold out of Barricade clothing by Friday morning.

You will not receive the free attending figure. This article is a stub and is missing information. Advance tickets will be available via each event website.

TFcon, is a Transformers convention held annually since Fans of all ages love Transformers Cosplay!