Battlefield Casualty Drill Aide Memoire & Tactical Medicine compared to regular “Civilian ABCs” of Medic and First Responder First Aid. CASUALTY DRILLS. Disposable BATTLEFIELD. WARNING. AIDE MEMOIRE. ARMY CODE . Apply a second field dressing OVER the first. ABDOMINAL. Battlefield casualty drills: aide memoire The administrative aide memoire reminders for officers an aide memoire for commanders and other officers.

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With so many threats out there like this Next Tactical Medic Course infomation. As I say, there is now much cross over for the Law Enforcement community with many lessons learned from the Military engagements and medical advancements and experience. In a civilian capacity, although it can be very different at the threat delivery stage it’s also not too dissimilar to some Disaster Medicine in the field, in the sense that the environment is austere and unstable one should make it as stable and reduce the risk ifrst hazards before attempting any treatment or evacuation.


They address some usual decision tress and how you can process memoige situation to result using established treatment protocols. Years ago we gave out these hand little aid memoires for treatment of Battlefield Casualties. There have been a lot of advancements in Tactical Medicine for the Police and Law Enforcement Medic and a lot of it has come from the Military.

Battlefield medicine, also called field surgery and later Tactical Medicine and combat casualty care, is the treatment of wounded combatants and non-combatants in or near an area of combat such as a war theater or en route to such a hot zone.

However, time is of the essence memoore you will be miles and many minutes or hours possibly from definitive care in an unsecure environment so therefore you will require bathlefield protection of the wounded and medics before proper treatment can usually be started.

Application of a Tourniquet, one handed – Operator injured and alone.

Tactical Communication Tips and Tricks Medically speaking you also have many Tactical Medic programs available. The Medic will have specialist training that does with the use of these kits and treatment responses to match the operators capability profile which is usually quite above basic first aider but even first aid trained officers can be taught essential life-saving skills in a tactical environment. In the case of the environment’s instability as far as the threat persists we need to win the firefight and consider the CUF Care Under Fire options.


British Army Battlefield Casualty Drill Aide Memoire | #

Are you one of those people who are intuitively able to read subtle nuances in communication and tell if someone if lying or not? This site was designed with the.

These days with Law Enforcement and Military you can view the medical training and tactical training options you have. Create your website today. Can you tell if someone is lying? In fact the Military have also taught civilian medicine a lot about casualty care and treatment too.