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Despite the best efforts put in by me, it is possible that some unintentional errors might have eluded me. Using this technology it is possible to design a peifect tiansducei which can woik ovei a wide iange of fiequency which is audible to human heai.

Specific listeneis can be taigeted with sound without otheis neaiby heaiing it, i. If the se,inar of human heaiing is expiessed as a peicentage of shift fiom the lowest audible fiequency to the highest it spans a iange of 1OO,OOO peicent.

Audio Spotlighting Complete

ausio It’s markedly different from a conventional speaker, whose orientation makes much less difference. I am also obliged to the faculty of Electrical and Electronics Department, for giving me their timely suggestions in my venture.

They do not tiavel as naiiow beams. Audio spot lighting is a veiy iecent technology that cieates focused beams of sound similai to light beams coming out of a flash light. The Audio spotlight developed by American Technology Corporation uses Ultrasonic energy to create extremely narrow beams of sound that behaves like beam of light. Holosonic Research Labs invented the Audio Spotlight that is made of a sound processor, an amplifier and the transducer. Joseph Pompei while a graduate student at MITwho is the master brain behind the development of this technology.

Hi-fi speakers semjnar from piezoelectric tweeters of various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers which generally rely on circuits at large enclosures to produce quality sound, whether it is dynamic, electrostatic or some other transducers- based design. Audio spotlighting exploits the property of non-linearity of air.

Audio Spotlighting Complete – [PDF Document]

To iestiict the audio in a specific aiea this method is appiopiiate. Requiies only same powei as iequiied foi iegulai speakeis. A device known as a parametric array employs the non-linearity of the air to create audible by-products from inaudible ultrasound, resulting in an extremely directive, beamlike wide-band acoustical source. Distortion reduction by preprocessing. This sound system holds the piomise of ieplacing conventional speakeis in homes, movie theateis and automobile eveiywheie.


Both use ultrasound based solutions to beam sound into a focused audiio. The ultrasound column acts as an airborne speaker, and as the beam moves through the air, gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way. Highly focused announcement in noisy enviionments such as subways, aiipoits, amusement paiks, tiaffic inteisections etc.

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No single loudspeaker element can operate efficiently or uniformly over this range of frequencies. Sound quality is no spotliggting tied to speakei size. Diiect mode iequiies a cleai line of appioach fiom the sound system unit to the point wheie the listenei can heai the audio. Seminaf mounting hardware is constructed with a ball joint so that the Audio Spotlights are easily aimed wherever the sound is desired.

The problem here is that this is not a very practical solution. In the futuie veision, it is expected that the whole piocess like functional management, signal piocessing, double side band modulation and even switch mode powei supply would be effectively taken caie of by a single embedded IC. Audio spotlight looks like a disc-shaped loudspeaker, trailing a wire, with a small laser guide-beam mounted in the middle.

In oidei to conveit the souice signal mateiial into ultiasonic signal a modulation spotlightinng is iequiied which is achieved thiough a modulatoi. Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. It semknar a combination of non-linear acoustics and some fancy mathematics. The iesult is ‘sound with a potential puiity and fidelity which we attained nevei befoie’. Spotlighhing pioblem heie is that this is not a veiy piactical solution, thus the low beam angle can be achieved only by making the wavelength smallei and this can be achieved by making use of ultiasonic sound.

I also feel that its the right opportunity to acknowledge the support and guidance that came in for various quarters during the course of completion of my seminar. In home theatie system ieai speakeis can be eliminated by the implementation of audio spotlighting and the piopeities of sound can be impioved. When one points the flat side of the disc in your direction, you hear whatever sound he’s chosen to play for you — perhaps jazz from a CD.

However, the problem with firing off ultrasound pulses, and having them interfere to produce audible tones is that the audible components created are nowhere similar to the complex signals in speech and music. If the source loudspeaker can be made several times bigger than the wavelength of the sound transmitted, then a finely focused beam can be created.


By using a DSB modulatoi the modulation index can be ieduced to deciease distoition.

Audio Spotlighting | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

A viitual sound souice cieates an illusion of sound souice that emanates fiom a suiface oi diiection wheie no physical loudspeakei is piesent. Above all I express my thanks to Almighty for the blessings showered on me which leads to the successful completion of this work. This is when teams of researchers from Ricoh and other Japanese companies got together to come up with the idea of using pure ultrasound signals as a carrier wave, and superimposing audible speech and music signals on it to create a hybrid wave.

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

About a half-dozen commonly used speaker types are in general use today. They range from piezoelectric tweeters that recreate the high end of the audio spectrum, to various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers that produce the lower frequencies. The use of airborne ultrasonics for generating audible sound beams. But it is real and is better than any conventional loud speaker. Here comes the acoustical device? Rescueis can communicate with endangeied people fai fiom ieach.

Pioect the audio fiom a confeience in foui diffeient languages, foima single cential device without the need foi headphones. No single loudspeaker element can operate efficiently or uniformly over this range of frequencies.

The ultrasound column acts as an airborne speaker, and as the beam moves through the air, gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way. In order to focus sound into a narrow beam, you need to maintain a low beam angle that is dictated by wavelength. Can ieduce oi eliminate the feedback fiom miciophones. The Audio spotlight developed by Ameiican Technology Coipoiation uses ultiasonic eneigy to cieate extiemely naiiow beams of sound that behaves like beam of light.