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AS/NZS is the Test and Tag standard for Australia and New Zealand. Information and free advice on Test and Tag regulations. ATS expertise. AS/NZS – Summary of the new Australian Testing and Tagging Standard This article featured in the Summer Edition of Electrical. 19 Apr Type of environment and/or equipment Interval between inspection and tests Equipment including.

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It also includes leakage current test methodology for equipment that is normally immersed in water. There are 3 changes to Table 4 worth highlighting. One of the most important areas of competency is the understanding of the Standard, and I encourage all ‘responsible persons’ to ensure their test and tag provider owns a current copy of the Standard and understands the changes.

A functional earth is not designed for safety, but the internal operation of the equipment and may give an incorrect test result. Test results must be produced within 24 hours if requested by a Worksafe inspector. Whilst the Standard has been completely revised, there are a few key areas worth noting as they may affect the way your test and tag program is implemented.

Electronic records are considered acceptable and often preferred and must be retained for a minimum of 7 years.

Electrical Safety by ABC – Testing intervals extract from AS

New guidance information has been added to the Standard for the testing of three phase residual current devices RCDs and electrical equipment. This has been added to improve technician safety. The Standard now includes additional information for leakage current tests on Class II single-phase and three-phase equipment. Aas3760 addition, the completion of an earth bond test on a functional earth may place the equipment in as3706.


For example, a Kettle with a removable IEC lead would consist of 2 tests. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact Sarah Allen onby ad3760 sarah atss. This article featured in the Summer Edition of Electrical Connection magazine. Portable RCD’s as33760 in commercial cleaning are now required to be tested by the ‘push button’ daily or prior to use whichever is the longer and an operating time test conducted every 12 months.

One test for the Kettle, with a tag applied to the kettle. Get a free quote today. Because testing the RCD requires confirming the operation of the tripping mechanism that means any electrical appliances will lose power briefly usually for about 30 seconds.

Residual current device (RCD) testing to AS3760:2010

You should prepare as37600 this in the same manner you would for any other planned power outage. RCDs are electrical safety switches designed to quickly disconnect the power in the event of certain electrical faults, protecting the end-user from possible electric shock.

The new Standard makes specific references to the responsibilities of ‘the responsible person’ to ensure the competency of technicians undertaking a test and tag program.

Therefore all portable electrical equipment located in a manufacturing environment is now subject to retesting every six months. Improvement notices and fines can be issued for non-compliance. Care should be taken when conducting an earth bond test to ensure the functional earth is not being tested.


Should you engage a test and tag service provider I highly recommend you confirm the technician owns a copy of the new Standard and completely understands the impact of the revisions. This addition has been made to assist workplaces in easily identifying when their appliances are due for retesting. In order as37600 reduce confusion within manufacturing environments, no longer are there different retesting time frames for Class I and Class II equipment.

Recommendations were put forward, and lively debate ensued as to the impact the proposed changes would make not only to industry, but to the safety of employees in Australia and New Zealand. The new Standard makes reference to equipment with functional earthing.

Whilst the standard made many references to the requirements for hired equipment, there was no reference to the requirements for the testing and tagging of leased equipment. You should prepare for this in the same manner you would for any other planned power outage Ensure all staff are aware of the testing ahead of time Ensure all computers are logged off and shut down Ensure your server, router, IP PBX and critical IT infrastructure are connected to UPS backup or powered down if they are not Ensure any other sensitive electronic equipment point of sale, tills, NAS devices etc.