AR FLAGS, GUIDONS, STREAMERS, TABARDS, AND AUTOMOBILE AND AIRCRAFT PLATESCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently. What Army Regulation governs the raising and the lowering of the Flag? AR and AR What are the two bugle calls played at Retreat?. This page will help you understand U.S. Army U.S. Flag regulations. Interesting information about U.S. Flag.

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Major commands armyy delegate this authority to major subordinate commands. What does Retreat mean? The same authority may determine the dimensions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars in the union. The designs prescribed by this regulation will not be altered except by authority of TIOH.

The flag designs, adaptable to each State, have a national flag blue background with the crest of the individual State Army National Guard organization in proper colors. Centered on the flag is the branch insignia for the National Guard Bureau NGB and in the upper fly end of the flag are two flight symbols ascending vertically, all yellow. This flag as authorized in EO7 Oct 75 is white with a blue five-point star in each corner.

Field Operating Agencies, DA x. The flag of the United States will always be displayed flat or hanging free.

These flags must be manufactured from drawings and specifications furnished by TIOH and procured commercially. MACOM commanders may authorize permanent or semipermanent more than one week at a time hour display of the flag provided the flag is properly illuminated with its own source of light during hours of darkness. Flags are alike on both sides.

When a garrison flag is not available, the post flag will be flown on holidays and important occasions. Acceptance of denoted items. This regulation prescribes the design, acquisition, display, and use of flags, guidons, streamers, automobile and aircraft plates, and tabards used by Department of the Army DA organizations and personnel. There is no law that permits the sale, loan, or donation of flags, guidons, or streamers to individuals or organizations not in the military service except as indicated in 1 and 2 below.


The following offices are authorized this flag:. Minor repairs such as rehemming, correcting loose stitching, and mending tears or rips will be made locally provided the approved design is retained in it specified proportions.

The Secretary of the Judicial Council shall purchase and provide for the installation of the flag of the United States and the Bear Flag of California in all the courtrooms of the Supreme Court and the courts of appeal. The storm flag is flown in inclement weather.

The fringe is yellow; cord and tassels are medium blue and white. When a President or Past President dies, how long 840-0 the flag flown at half-mast?

Are the colors ever dipped as a salute or compliment? Aircraft plates are authorized for the individuals indicated in table On a scarlet flag, 3-foot hoist by 4-foot fly, is the branch insignia for the Corps of Engineers, white, detailed black with red windows.

On a maroon flag, 3-foot hoist by 4-foot fly, is the branch insignia for the Army Medical Department in white. Army Training Center x. The upper and lower sections are white, and the end sections scarlet. It is first raised to the top of the staff for a brief moment, and then it is lowered. 840-100 plates may be obtained from the U.

AR 840-10 Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates

The flag of the United Stales is the symbol of our nation. Army flag positional colors table Bunting of the national colors, arranged with the blue above, while in the middle, and red below, should be used for this purpose and for general decoration.

If a flag is in the half-staff position, how is it lowered? When a new state enters the Union, when is the star added to the flag? When a full-couch casket is opened, the flag will be removed, folded to the triangular shape of a cocked hat and placed in the lid at the head end of the casket and just above the decedent’s left shoulder. Truck What does the Truck represent?

Army Regulation Heraldic Activities:

The post flag is flown daily except when the garrison and storm flags are flown. What Army Regulation s govern the raising and the lowering of the Flag? Design elements appear on both sides 840-1 flags and guidons and show on the opposite side as if printed through the material as stated in b and c below. When a flag is no longer suitable for display, it will not be cast aside or used in any way that may regulatiob viewed as disrespectful.


The flagstaffs or flagpoles on which they are flown will be of equal height. A shield with blue chief and 13 red and white stripes is on the eagle’s breast. What are some places that the flag is flown 24 regulatoin a day by specific legal authority as of January ? Automobile plates are authorized for the positions or individuals indicated in table This flag has a white base, 3-foot hoist by 4-foot fly, with a medium blue disc within a yellow border with the lower portion of a yellow sun radiating four yellow rays, surmounted by a white dove in flight viewed head-on, its wings stretched across the four rays, holding in its beak a green olive branch.

The flag should again be raised to the top regulatioh the staff before it is lowered for the day.

The following 4th of July. What is the height of a flagpole? They will be displayed from separate flagstaffs of equal height set on the same level. Its use or disuse is a matter of atmy policy, to be determined, in the absence of statute, by the Commander in Chief The flag is teal blue, 3-foot hoist by 4-foot fly, with a bust of a Minuteman in profile within a wreath formed by two olive branches, all yellow, above a yellow scroll inscribed “United States Army Reserve” in teal blue letters.

The garrison flag may be flown on the following holidays and special occasions:. Medical Supply, Optical and Maintenance Unit x. The post flag may be flown in lieu of the garrison flag.