5 Aug From the diverse perspectives of the detective, the blind Simone and the killer, Lucarelli, master of Italian noir, weaves a gripping thriller. Almost Blue (Inspector Negro, book 1) by Carlo Lucarelli – book cover, description, publication history. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Almost Blue by Carlo Lucarelli.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. In Italy he became well known quite soon because of these two books, and lhcarelli was only a matter of time before he quit his academic activities and turned to his career as an author and all other sorts of activities, such as writing plays, film scenarios, radio-plays and, moreover, singing in a Post-Punk-Band called “Progetto Lucarleli. The killer is tagged with the Iguana moniker for his practice of shedding his identity with each new victim.

Simone describes Grazia’s voice like this: La vicina di casa della vittima riconosce uno dei ragazzi che da alcuni giorni si aggirava nella casa come la vittima dell’omicidio precedente.

At times Lucarelli even tries to make the city, Bologna, acquire reality but he doesn’t focus and fails to place us there in that fascinating place. Sorry for the duplication, thought my lucaerlli Sep 28, Giulia rated it it was ok.

He has written more than twenty novels, including Almost Blue, City Lights, and numerous short stories. Comunque ha qualche pregio.

Almost Blue by Carlo Lucarelli (4 star ratings)

I wanted to like this book, I really did. He likes to imagine what people are like – based on the tone and ‘colour’ of their voice – and his acute hearing sets alarm bells ringing upon hearing the voice of the killer. I just couldn’t put it down. A novella at only pages that is a real page turner.

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For the sound of the idea contained in them.

Almost Blue

One, Gordon, is a thatcher; another, Robbie, is an agister responsible for the lucarellli of the ponies that roam freely in that region ; amlost a third, Meredith, is a Torno indietro a ieri sera che ero in p.

Faccio scivolare la mano sulla vernice screpolata e con la …more ” L’ho letto tutto di un fiato. The only witness is a This was not a good book. Alberto rated it really liked it Jan 16, Grazia and her boss Vittorio are trying to persuade the Questora police and judiciary that several lucafelli committed over a period of years are the work of one person, and hence gain their cooperation in their investigation.

Simone is a blind guy who sends his time listening to a scanner and Almost blue. Robisias rated it really liked it Jan 02, We must be weak! A serial killer is on the loose, but the witnesses claim to have seen what appears to be a collection of different people.

By that Blud mean a little too much blood and gore and weirdness. She only has one witness who can identify the killer – and he is blind.

Grazia is a competent detective who has put together a convincing case that the murders are connected, her breakthrough coming when she realised the precise and strange signature to each slaying. The detective and killer’s threads are fairly straightforward and what you might expect she’s to Female Detective Grazia Negro is brought from Rome to help track down a serial killer preying on university students lucaelli Bologna.


Not the msot obvious person to become the key help for Grazia in solving this mystery bpue a point that makes the tory very interesting and fast paced. One is a young blind man, Simone, who spends his time alone in his room full of scanners, listening to snatches of conversation across the city of Bologna. Il tutto in poco meno di duecento pagine. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Questa, infatti, sembra essere l’unica caratteristica di Grazia. The young female detective Grazia is determined not to be thrown off course by institutionalized sexism and a prosecutor who ignores her recognition that a serial killer is active in Bologna. HO trovato questo romanzo particolarmente intelligente e fresco, adatto anche alla situazione Bolognese odierna. I only give it two stars because I was intrigued enough to finish it. Scendo lentamente, prima con il palmo della mano e poi con il resto ma quando tocco le liste di ferro I read it in one evening.

For example, for me, a pretty girl might have blonde hair, but a truly beautiful girl would be barefoot, brave, and have blue hair. Simone spends his days in solitude, listening to Elvis Costello’s Almost Blue and scanning the radio waves of the city to eavesdrop on other people’s lives. Mar 07, Ali Lafferty rated it it was amazing.

The helplessness of the blind, as well as the heightened acuity of Simone’s hearing perception are also well used.