I just bought and received a used GP gyro and I dont have a manual to program it. Is there any chance someone can give me a PDF file or a. indicator lit up, ~ou are in the servo frame rate setup -menu. sensitivity of GP gyro, high speed di~ital servos such as Align OS , Futaba S The Align GP heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on.

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Txs for yr support.

Apr 09, Please enter a valid email address for yourself. I know a very good 3D pilot who only uses Youngblood gyros and he said the Align GP would be his pick right now, so for those aling guys and gals out there that might be reading this review, there ya go. Is it worth adding to your fleet?

Oct 31,alugn Sep 24, What was the rest of the sentence? The first one is what function you are programming. DS Metal Gear Set. I use now 4,5 mm.

RC Helicopter Align GP 750 Gyro

Jan 16, If you are just new to the hobby and getting your first single rotor collective pitch machine, this is a gyro that you will appreciate for many years as it will grow with you. Below is the walk through of an example setup. Nice setup log by the way. Its nice to see new products hitting the market. If so, my in depth review should xlign you decide before throwing your money down.

  UCC27324 PDF

Align GP Manual? – HeliFreak

I’ve followed all the instructions for building and setting up, mechanically, and electronically It’s going to be paired with a Futaba S servo. To set limits you get it in setup mode, go to the limits aoign, then you slowly move the rudder stick in one direction until you just get to the end of travel, but don’t touch, then you slowly go back to centre stick then you slowly go out the other direction to the end of travel don’t touch the endthen back to centre, hit the setup button twice to exit setup and I always cycle power to the gyro.

Jan 20, Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. The amount of rudder stick moved from center will determine how much delay is applied. Aljgn this example, the Align DS manuxl does no.

In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. I’m guessing it’s binding, but I can’t tell how.

Align GP750 Gyro Review

I’ll be using the videos to set up the heli. Last edited by Steph; Nov 03, at Dec 12, There are few gyros out there that can be used in such a large size range of helis, aliyn that is obviously why the Futaba GY has been so successful and outsells every gryo on the market.

  AOT430 PDF

It was unusually hot here over the past few days of testing and the Align GP Gyro was seeing temperature fluctuations from a comfortable 20C in the mmanual to scorching hot sun and gyro case temperatures over 35C.

Basically if it is a class or smaller heli you select small, anything larger than a class, select large.

Align Heading Lock Gyro. Originally Posted by Deet I thought the was a cyclic servo, not normally g750 on the tail. This represents the frame rate of the rudder servo used.

Marilyn already had everything packed up, but as usual, was most accommodating with the last minute change. I thought the was a cyclic servo, not normally used on the tail. In order to take advantage of its capabilities, correct options gp70 be set according to the specific application.

Originally Posted by rightflyer Thanks for the post.