Source code for ‘Accelerated C# ‘ by Trey Nash – Apress/accelerated-csharp 1 Aug Accelerated C# is designed to appeal to existing developers with experience in an OO language. As one of the Amazon reviews notes. Accelerated C# has 15 ratings and 1 review. Many books introduce C#, but if you don’t have the time to read pages, Accelerated C# gives y.

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Note Encapsulation helps you achieve the ageold guideline of strong. If you, such a well-known programmer have trouble keeping up with industry, who would ordinary programmers survive?

Gerardo rated it it acceleratec amazing Mar 27, One thing I think should have been emphasized a bit more in your review of this book is the level of readability and approachability. Hechizero rated it liked it Jul 23, Many other guidelines were either entirely reasonable or at least I could go either way on. Acce,erated for doing this — and sorry it took me so long to comment. So — thank you.

2007 Accelerated C# 2008

Giuseppe Pizzimenti added it Dec 09, Want to Read saving…. I was accelerater with going deep on the topic I certainly learned stuff there — it was more the ordering that bothered me for that point. Note When creating your own custom collection types you should. May 11, Topilno added it. I sent this to Trey before publishing it, as is my custom. Note Now wait just a minute some of you from.

Daniel Ervi added it Apr 14, Note You may have noticed the legacy Handle property in. You’ll quickly master C syntax while learning how the CLR simplifies many programming tasks.


NET application development Concentrates on how C features work and how to best use them for robust, high—performance code. The value of the field can be changed between those two uses, which could lead to problems!

Nicholas Lativy rated it really liked it Jan 07, You are commenting using your Twitter account. In the chapter on threading, there are some demonstrations of lock-free programming before describing locking, somewhat oddly — and without describing the volatile modifier.

Why spend months or years discovering the best ways to design and code C when this book will show you how to do things the right way, right from the start? Ben added it Aug 31, Chapter 4 does cover the basics of OO in. Caution Be wary of any object used during finalization even. Eric Johnson added it Nov 25, Accelerated C 3. It was very interesting to read your comments and discussion here. Scott rated it really liked it Jun 09, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I do take your point.

No trivia or quizzes yet. He responded to all my points extremely graciously. These days practically anything can really be found online — the benefit of books is that they try to structure your learning into a sensible order, whilst still giving more than a single page tutorial.

My preference now is really to read about the nuts and bolts of things, how they work rather than focusing purely on the syntax. Accelerated C Trey Nash No preview available – Pow made far, far more difference than whether or not the struct was boxed. Sometimes this was because a running example became laborious and moved a long way from anything you were actually likely to want to do in real life.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Arrays Collection Types and Iterators. Your book, Jon, is waiting its turn as well.

Artem Latyshev rated it liked it Jul 28, Prior to working at Microsoft, he was a principal software engineer working on security solutions at Credant Technologies, a market-leading security software company. It was too special.

Book review: Accelerated C# by Trey Nash | Jon Skeet’s coding blog

You have probably read it, but my fave. Maybe Accelerated should make do with a really strong disclaimer right at the top. Every so often, I came away from a topic thinking that it would have been better covered a little bit more lightly.

Anyway, this was a great review, and a great resource. I also seem to remember that using the tilde syntax was an acknowledged design mistake in C.

Accelerated C# 2008 (Accelerated)

In terms of actual content covered, Accelerated Afcelerated falls somewhere between C in Depth almost purely language and C 3. Rescently I was buy this book and red it.

Sorry, that was getting ranty for a bit… but I hope you understand why. The other problem with going deep is accelearted you really, really need to get things right — because your readers are less likely to spot the mistakes.

Page Brooks rated it really liked it Jan 20,