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Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 40V mA mW Through Hole TO 2. Philips Semiconductors. Product specification. PNP switching transistors. 2N; 2NA. FEATURES. • High current (max. mA). • Low voltage ( max. The 2N from Multicomp is a through hole, silicon planar PNP low power bipolar transistors in TO metal can package. This are general purpose transistor.

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Transistor, Bipolar, PNP, 2N2905

If they are used as saturated switches, though, this is not as large a problem as it would be if they were operating in the linear region. If you clip and bend TO leads, you can stick them on a set of smt pads.

Mar 11, 4.

You generally get a selection of various transistors, and considering the overhead the store has, they’re actually a decent bargain. The RS resistors have proven to me to be highly stable in their values. Which Equation to use?

Which SMT transistors to use? | All About Circuits

Could it be the capacitors? It looks to me like the E and C connections to the right trigger may be reversed in the schematic. I’ve also found ‘s, etc in the assortment. Which battery to use?


Mar 10, 1. PNP small-signal type amplifying transistor, similar to 2N Do you already have an account? Posted by picstudent in forum: I didn’t look that closely at the parts list to notice the difference.

I came across an ebay auction for 2n and 2n in SOT If the schematic is correct and all the wiring is correct, then why doesn’t it work? Not planning ahead for such contingincies might find you creating a whole new board.

2N | Transistor, Bipolar, PNP, 2N | RS Components

Your name or email address: I will try it with the 2n Since the two transistors are wired differently to their respective controller triggers, I was simply questioning whether there was a typo in the schematic. If the transistor will handle the voltage and current, then many substitutes are possible.

Mar 19, It looks like RS has fallen even another step. You might try increasing R4 to and R5 to Ohms. Look for the current carefully.


When I made the circuit with radioshack transistors, their 15 pack is listed as 2n, but when I first n22905 at the transistors there were several different kinds, one of which was 2n You May Also 2n29055 The Black Friday Breakdown You’ve been waiting all year to get your hands on some hot new components, and now’s the best time!

Posted by woolerland in forum: It’s difficult to tell whether or not they will work by that schematic, because there is absolutely no intel about the current requirements of the load for T1. Expect resistance sic if you have soldered leads to it.

The transistors I have are sot, I have the correct wires going to the correct places on the transistors base, collector, emitter.

2N2905 Bipolar Transistor

That’s quite a conundrum. This does not include pots. Mar 10, 2.